What Is A Pre Poo?

what is a pre-poo?

What Is A Pre Poo?

A pre poo is a process that is done to treat the hair before the actual shampooing begins.  The pre poo was designed to treat hair with natural oils or conditioner.  It is done on dry hair to help strengthen and soften the hair.  It also reduces breakage that can happen during washing.  This method is not necessary  but many curly girls swear by it.  If you are natural you should consider adding a pre poo to your wash day routine especially if your hair is kinky and dry.  Let’s do a deeper dive into what a pre poo is and how it should be done.

Should You Pre Poo?

Pre pooing your hair before shampooing can make the wash day stress free for you.  Tangles are just one of the many reasons you should consider pre pooing your hair.  Pre pooing is similar to doing a hot oil treatment and the process puts a protective layer on your hair strands.  After a pre poo you will notice that when detangling your hair it is stronger and have you’ll have less breakage.  Additionally, shampooing strips the hair of its natural oils causing dryness.  Adding a pre poo to your routine may seem like a hassle and yes it does take some time, but it is worth it.

What Products Can I Use?

As I mentioned earlier what you decide to pre poo with is all up to you.  Depending on how fancy I am feeling on wash day I may use our Follicle Awakening Hair Oil.  It contains all natural and organic oils known to strengthen the hair strands and aide in hair growth.  Other times I may just use plain conditioner.  I find that the conditioner is a bit easier to apply than the oil but on the other hand the benefits of the hair oil are much greater.  Which ever one you decide to go with you’ll be giving your hair some TLC and it will surely love it.

How To Do It

A pre poo is normally done on dry hair before washing. Firstly, to make the process easier and less stressful for yourself you should start by sectioning the hair.  Anytime I am applying a product to my hair I always section first.  I normally make 4 sections and apply the product that way.   For me this way is much easier, I can really work the product in each strand, detangling is easier and the overall process becomes less of a headache.  This method maybe helpful to you if you have thicker and longer length of hair. Whichever product you choose to use make sure you coat your strands well from the roots to ends. 

How Long Should I Pre Poo?

Again, this is relative and is based on what you think your hair needs the most.  I like to pre poo overnight as this is the same method I use when deep conditioning my hair.  I have coarse 4c hair and for me the longer I pre poo the better the results will be.  If you have never pre pood your hair before I suggest you do trial and error.  Start by doing it for 30 minutes and see how your hair turns out after the wash.  If you feel that your hair can use more moisture, on the next wash day add more time and work your way up from there if you need to.

How To Make Your Own Pre Poo

If you want to use oils for pre poo you can get creative about which oils you want to blend together.  Earlier in the post I mentioned that a great pre poo is our follicle awakening hair oil.  You can make your own version of this oil using a blend of several oils.  For example you can do 1 ounce of jojoba oil, 1 ounce of olive, 1 ounce of coconut and 1 ounce of flaxseed.  You can also add essential oils such as rosemary, peppermint and sage for an extra boost in potency and moisture.  If you don’t want to use the oils alone you can also add conditioner to the oil mix for a double dose of moisture.  As for the type of conditioner, I would suggest using a moisturizing conditioner that provides “slip”.