Deep Condition With Heat

Deep Condition With Heat

Deep Condition With Heat, It's Proper Hair Care

Finding natural hair care products  that work for your hair can become overwhelming and stressful.  With social media sites like Youtube, filled with an over saturated amount of natural hair care tips, it is only a matter of time before you’ll go crazy and lose your mind.  The trick is to stay focus on what products your hair will need without becoming a product junkie. The last thing you want is to invest in a bunch of natural hair care products that are unnecessary and don’t work.  

One natural hair care practice I feel that is most important and help with healthy hair growth is deep conditioning.  Not just any type of deep conditioning but deep conditioning with heat.  This is key because it opens up so many opportunities for you to experience proper hair care techniques and substantial amount of natural hair growth. So, should you deep condition with heat?

It's Imperative For Low Porosity Hair

Deep conditioning your natural hair with heat is amazing.  I look forward to this step every time it is wash day for myself and Butta Babee.  We both have low porosity hair which means that our hair does not take in moisture very easily.  For that reason I make sure that for EVERY wash we deep condition with heat.  We use a plastic cap and sit under a heated hooded dryer for about 30 minutes.  

Why Is It Imperative

Why is it imperative to use on your natural hair?  Heat expands things.  Sort of the same concept as in the summertime when your fingers swell and you are unable to wear your rings.  The same thing happens to your natural hair when heat is applied.  The hair cuticle expands and it allows deep penetration of your hair treatment.  Overtime as you continue to deep condition your hair with heat you’ll notice how much more manageable, soft it is and how much hair growth you will retain.  Tangles, breakage and dryness of your hair will also decrease. In other words, it’s NOT an option.  Always use heat.

Essential To Healthy Hair

There is a reason why professional hairstylist make sure they sit their clients under the dryer and use heat.  If you want healthy hair deep conditioning with a natural hair care product must be apart of your regimen. It is essential to having healthy hair.  All of the styling, hair chemicals, heat tools and being out in the elements put stress on our curls.  This is why rehydrating and nourishing your hair is necessary.  Using a deep conditioner on your natural hair without heat is a waste.  The treatment is not able to penetrate through the hair strands and can’t improve the quality of our hair.  No matter what hair type you have you can also benefit from using heat with your deep conditioning treatments.

How To Deep Condition With Heat

The first step you need to complete before deep conditioning is to make sure that your hair is washed thoroughly. Be sure that you are using natural hair care products. Some like to deep condition on dry, dirty hair but in my opinion it defeats the purpose.  The hair strands need to be clear of all dirt and build-up for the deep conditioner to properly penetrate and “do it’s thing”.  

Second Step To Deep Conditioning

Secondly, after the hair is washed and detangled you should put your hair in sections and begin to apply the treatment from ends to roots. Ensure that you focus on the ends as they are the oldest and normally the driest part of the hair.  Be generous with the application of the treatment as natural hair is thick and needs to double dose.  Dime sized amounts may work for those with thinner or relaxed hair.

Third Step

Third, once it is applied cover your hair with a plastic cap and sit under a heated hooded dryer.  For medium textured hair I would suggest using medium heat and for thicker hair high heat is fine.  Sit under the dryer for 30 minutes.

Final Step

Lastly, Next you should rinse the treatment out with warm to hot water(this is best for low porosity hair).  The warm water will keep the hair from becoming a tangled, matted mess.  Normal to high porosity hair should use cold water.

Make It A Routine

Deep conditioning should be done every time you wash your hair.  This will ensure that your hair stays moisturized and will prevent hair damage.  Besides, it can be relaxing and you’ll even be able to get in some”me time” while doing so.  Your hair will thank you.