Is Hair Oil Good For Hair Growth

Is hair oil good for hair growth

Is Hair Oil Good For Hair Growth

The practice of hair oiling has been around for quite sometime.  So many people from so many different cultures oil their hair for several reasons.  It offers endless benefits to the hair such as making it thicker, more shiny, prevents frizz and keeps the hair hydrated.  But, the most important benefit to note about hair oils are that they help the hair to grow.  Women in India have been using hair oils for centuries to grow their hair long, strong and healthy.  If hair oiling is done properly, you too can receive some of the amazing benefits that it has to offer.  But, is hair oil good for hair growth?  Let’s talk about how oils can be used to increase hair growth and the appearance of your hair overall.

How Do Hair Oils Make Your Hair Grow

Well technically speaking nothing really MAKES your hair grow and the same goes for hair oils.  When you are using quality hair oils they create an environment on the scalp that keeps it healthy.  Which in turn will allow for your hair to grow to its fullest potential.  Most natural hair oils are good for nourishing the scalp and feeding follicles that have been starved of nutrition.  These are all factors that determine how well your hair will grow. So yes, hair oils are good for hair growth. For example, oils such as coconut, castor, sesame, grapeseed and many others contain high amounts of fatty acids. They are needed to keep your hair follicles healthy enough to grow a head of healthy hair.

Hair Oils Are Good For Growth When Used Properly

Hair oiling can be detrimental if pre-cautionary measures are not taken.  Right now you’re probably thinking, “how can hair oils cause harm or damage”?  Unfortunately they can.  Have you every heard of the saying too much of a good thing is a bad thing? This also applies to hair oiling.  Oiling your hair too often can surely have some adverse affects, especially if you are using a thicker oil like castor.  It is always important to remember that less is more.  Oiling your scalp twice per day everyday won’t allow you to see benefits any faster.  What you are doing is risking clogging the pores on your scalp, which leads to stunted and slowed hair growth.  Follicles that are clogged cannot breathe and flourish the way they need to, to grow healthy hair. 

Use Natural Oils

Natural oils are hands down the best type of oils to use for hair growth.  Stay away from cheap and synthetic oils like soybean, mineral and petroleum.  They offer no benefits to the hair and are known to clog pores, because they don’t do so well absorbing.  Natural oils like the ones I have mentioned earlier provide nutrients.  What makes them work well at helping to grow the hair is that they are easily absorbed into the scalp.  Many man made hair oils that are not made of quality sit on top of the hair.  Hence the reason why if you are using oils that contain these synthetic ingredients, you may not be getting the results you are looking for.

How To Use Them

You can get creative with how you decide to use your growth oils.  The most common way they are used is by simply applying them to the scalp about 2-3 times per week.  How often you apply the oils to your scalp will depend on your personal hair goals and how your hair responds to each application. For example, If you have applied the oil to your scalp and see that for your next application there is still oil left over from the previous application, you won’t need to add anymore.    They can also be used as a hot oil treatment.  Hot oil treatments open the hair shaft and adds nutrients and moisture from the outside in.  The trick is to listen and pay attention to your hair to determine what it needs.


Hair oils stop breakage because they strengthen each hair strand from within. As a result you will retain more length, which equals to growing your hair longer.  Many have trouble with retaining growth/length because their hair is breaking off faster than it is actually growing, so it feels as if the hair isn’t growing at all.  When hair growth oils are used consistently, you’ll notice a difference in how your hair grows and how well it will retain length. Remember hair grows about 1/2 – 1 inch per month and this is all based on genetics.  The key is to give your hair what it needs so that it can stay healthy and grow to its potential.

The Perfect Blend

Not all oils are created equal and the type of oils you use to grow your hair make a difference.  Some oils provide more essential vitamins and nutrients that stimulate growth more than others.  Our Follicle Awakening Hair Oil has a perfect blend of carrier and essential oils that are potent enough to nourish, and create a healthy environment on your scalp and stimulate hair follicles, leading to growth.  It is safe and filled with 100% all natural and organic ingredients for a healthier head of hair. Try it out here!