The Best Oils For Natural Hair Growth

natural hair growth oils in bottles

Growing Healthy Hair

Everyone is always looking to enhance their natural hair growth.  I have always made it clear in previous articles and videos that nothing in a bottle will technically “make your hair grow”.  I fell that good products create a healthy environment on your scalp that will in turn allow for the hair to grow.  It also isn’t just about the oils for natural hair growth that you use.  You should also be conscious of the foods that you eat.  Healthy food will work in conjunction with the natural hair growth oils to promote and enhance healthy hair follicles.  In this article, I’ll give you some ideas of the best oils for natural hair growth.

Sea buckthorn Oil

Secbuckthorn is not a popular oil for natural hair growth at this point.  For one, it is a very expensive oil, which means that many companies choose not to use it.  Secondly, it is not an oil that can just be purchased at your local grocery store (not easily accessible).  Sea buckthorn oil contains over 190 phytonutrients and nutrients.  This is one of the best natural hair growth oils because it has a high level of fatty acids and a high vitamin a and e content.  These vitamins and fatty acids supports scalp health and supports scalp circulation, conditioning and hair growth.

Amla Oil

Alma is a great oil to prevent hair loss, premature graying and stimulate hair growth.  The oil contains extracts from Indian Gooseberry.  Through research it was found that amla is a natural hair growth oil toxic to parasites.  Parasites like to feed off of organisms.  This oil will keep the scalp clean, healthy and free of parasites.  Leading to a faster hair growth rate.

Kukui Nut Oil

An oil that is not only great for your skin but hair too.  The kukui nut oil has been around for centuries but it does not get any attention from the mainstream media.  It’s an unfortunate situation because its an amazing oil.  So amazing that the beautiful actress Lupita Nyong’o uses it for her beauty regimen.  This oil for natural hair growth comes from the candle nut tree, indigenous to Hawaii.  Kukui can be used as a hot oil treatment to help replenish moisture in the hair and to stimulate hair growth.  It contains vitamins a,c , e and high linoleic acid.  All needed for optimal hair growth.

Brahmi Oil

Also known as Gotu Kola and it is found in the tropics of India.  The oil has a green tint and as a sweet scent.  Brahmi is used to prevent hair loss.  It nourishes the roots and promotes hair growth.  What I love most about this oil for natural hair growth is that it puts a nice coating on the hair follicle.  This provides one additional layer of protection.  With the added protection the hair will not discolor and split ends will be kept at bay.

Bhringraj Oil

Bhringraj oil is another ayurveda oil.  When it is used consistently with regular massaging it will improve blood circulation.  The roots and the follicles are strengthened to prevent balding and hair fall.  Bhringrai oil causes vasodilation.  When vasodilation happens the blood vessels are widening.  This process also increases blood flow.  The vitamin e in this magnificent oil can fight against free radicals, that can slow down the flow and amount of hair growth.

Rosemary Essential Oil

Now, rosemary is one of the more popular oils that are commonly used in natural hair care products.  The great thing is, it actually works! Rosemary oil has some general health benefits that also encourages hair growth.  It has anti-inflammatory properties, improves circulation and promotes nerve growth.  Rosemary is known to increase circulation.  So, it can prevent your hair follicles from being depleted and starved of significant blood supply.  When this happens, the hair follicles will start to die off and hair loss begins.  It’s compared to minoxidil which we all know as Rogaine.  Studies show that it is just as effective if not more without the added chemicals.

Peppermint Essential Oil

This oil for natural hair growth doesn’t just have a wonderful scent.  It also helps to promote “sleeping” and stagnant hair follicles.  Peppermint oil promotes hair growth during the anagen phase.  This phase is when the hair is in an active state of growing.  Some also believe that the cooling and tingling effect that peppermint gives off also aides in encouraging more hair growth.  Additionally, the oil contains menthol and this component increases blood flow when applied to the scalp. Blood flow causes circulation and circulation is what is needed to grow nice healthy long hair.