Shea And Cocoa Butter For Burns

Shea and cocoa butter for burns

Shea And Cocoa Butter For Burns

Having a burn on your skin can be a real pain (literally). Not only are they painful but it can be very uncomfortable too. So, it makes sense to want to heal and get rid of it ASAP.  It is best that you start treating the burn when it happens.  You can start the healing process and repair your skin to reduce the risk of scarring.  Timing is important and also using the correct products on the burn will make or break how well your skin will heal after the burn has happened.  The best ingredients that should be used is shea and cocoa butter for burns.  They are all natural and do a great job at healing and repairing your skin. 

Where Do Burns Come From And How Do They Happen?

When you get burned on your skin, it is a sign that your body’s tissues have been damaged.  A burn can be caused by several things such as radiation, sunlight (known as sunburn), electricity, chemicals and heat.  The most common types of burns are from fires, steam, liquids that are hot, flammable chemicals and gases.  You will know that your skin has been burned because you will experience instant pain.  Most often the layers of the skin will also be raised after a burn has taken place.  Your skin is the largest organ of the body and is there to protect you.  But when you are burned your skin is unable to protect you from the elements, because burns cause the skin to become exposed.  Which is why you must use the right products that can protect and heal your skin at the same time.

Can I Use Shea And Cocoa Butter For Burns ?

Shea and cocoa butters have been the go to for centuries when someone is burned.  Shea and cocoa butters are anti-inflammatory, which is great because it helps to reduce swelling and redness as the burn is healing.  Both butters also help to keep the skin hydrated and moisturized.  This is important because burns have the ability to heal much better when they are kept moist and covered.  What you will also love shea and cocoa butter is that it will help to even the skin tone where the burn has occurred.  Burns that are left untreated can leave dark spots on the skin after they have healed.  Shea and cocoa butters help to erase these marks as the burn heals.

How Do They Work ?

These natural butters penetrate the skin and offer essential vitamins to repair and keep the skin healthy.  Many products sit on top of the skin which is why they never produce any results.  The moment these butters are put on your skin the healing process begins. They also help the skin to produce more collagen and new skin cells.

How To Use Shea And Cocoa Butter

To see the benefits and results they must be used consistently.  I always tell our customers that have purchased our whipped shea butter blend that it is best to use it immediately after a shower.  After a hot shower your pores will be open and can absorb all of the nutrients that the shea and cocoa has to offer.  As you apply the product massage it in to get the full benefit.  Twice per day is most ideal for use but minimum once per day is a must.  Also, be sure that the butters are organic.  They contain no artificial ingredients and you’ll see results much quicker.

What NOT To Do When You Have A Burn

There is a huge misconception that the best treatment for a burn is to use ice.  That is probably the worst thing you can do to heal your burn.  Ice slows down circulation, the healing process and makes burn worse.  Be sure that you are keeping the burn clean and clear of germs and bacteria, to avoid catching an infection. Aloe vera gel is also a great ingredient that you can use to heal burns.  Aloe gel is known to heal, soothe and is an anti-inflammatory. Seven minerals pure aloe vera gel pairs well with our shea butter. The trick is to be consistent in treating your wound and things will improve  in no time.