How To Even Skin Tone

How To Even Skin Tone

How To Even Skin Tone

Nowadays with all of the tricks and skin care routines out there, there are several ways you can improve and even your skin tone.  You’ll also find several remedies that can help you get back a nice and healthy looking skin tone.  Of course there are some that work and those that are just horrible and do nothing to improve the appearance of your skin.  Well what I can say is you no longer have to search for products that will help you to improve your skin tone.  The products that I will be sharing with you are easy to find, effective, simple to use and are known to even the skin tone.  I will even discuss other habits that you should create to help you get better skin.

How To Even Skin Tone With Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter! It’s so much that I can say about this wonderful product.  Now I know that you may be familiar with cocoa butter that is sold in stores but I am going to be honest with you, it isn’t the real deal…. no where near.  Many of the brands that you find in stores selling cocoa butter have so many added chemicals and ingredients such as petroleum and mineral oil.  The products are cut with these cheap ingredients which means your results will be minimal.  When you use raw organic cocoa butter to even your skin tone, you will find that it does an amazing job.  Additionally, it smells amazing too(who doesn’t love the scent of sweet chocolate).  Cocoa butter smoothes scars, dark spots and with consistent use removes discoloration on the skin.

Even Skin Tone With Antioxidants In Cocoa Butter

One of the main factors in why cocoa butter is a great option for evening the skin tone is because it is rich and high in antioxidants.  Are you familiar with antioxidants?  Well, let me explain briefly.  It is a substance that prevents and repairs damage that is caused by free radicals.  Free radicals are what causes the skin to produce dark spots and dull skin.  Protecting your skin will allow for it to stay healthy and keep a clear skin tone.

Shea Butter For Healthy Skin

Shea butter is also a great option to even your skin tone.  Shea butter is produced from the shea nut and is similiar to cocoa butter.  Shea butter is a natural skin lightener due to its high content of vitamin e (which is also found in cocoa butter) and by mixing the two together creates an exceptional skin toning product.  Vitamin E is known to heal and generate new cells when this happens there is no question that your skin’s appearance will improve.

Drink More Water!

Another important routine that you must practice to get a better skin tone is to drink water.  Yes, many people will not share this information but water is very significant in getting that jaw dropping skin that you have always wanted.  It is never only just about the products that you use.  It is the combination of habits and practices that you adopt.  Water cleans your system from the inside out and helps to produce healthy cells, which will in turn have a positive affect on your skin.  Really try to get in about 8 glasses of water per day.  I know it can be hard because having water as a beverage isn’t the most exciting thing but it is rewarding.  Not just for your skin but overall health.  You’ll notice overtime how your complexion improves and your skin begins to glow.

Wash And Keep Your Face Clean

Keeping your face clean removes dead skin cells.  It also keeps your face free of buildup and dirt.  In the end clean skin will allow for your skin to become brighter and smoother.  I would suggest that when you are washing your face you use an all natural soap.  This way you know that there won’t be any adverse affects on your skin, setting you further back.  Remember, the goal is to achieve healthy, radiant skin.  The type of soap/cleanser I recommend to keep your face clean is Cetaphil Daily Cleanser.  This soap is great because it cleanses the skin without drying it out and moisturizes.  It will improve the skins texture and quality.  You can use this soap daily to maintain and improve your skins health and appearance.

Start Toning

Now that I’ve shared with you some tips and pointers on how to even your skin tone, you can start your healthy skin care journey and routine.  These are simple steps that can be taken that actually work and you’ll get to see a change in your skin.  I follow these steps in this article and my skin is in pretty good condition. There is nothing complex about my routine. I simply wash my face with African black soap, drink the recommend amount of water and use butta babee’s shea butter blend.  They all work great together and I am positive that if you add these to your skin care routine, you will benefit from them too.