Building A Natural Skin Care Routine

A Natural Skin Care Routine

Self Confidence

Everyone loves to have clean, clear and attractive looking skin.  Having great skin is not only determined by genetics(as many people think).  What is also a major factor is your daily habits.  It can be embarrassing to walk into a room with a face full of acne and blemishes.  Not to mention, it will lower your self confidence.  When your skin looks great you will feel great and display that in such a way where people become inspired.  Building a natural skin care routine is not difficult and should be done daily to have the end result of healthy skin.  It is just a matter of finding what natural skin care products are right for you and your skin type.

First Steps

First, you need to determine whether you have dry or oily skin.  Walking  into a store and grabbing a product because it is labeled as natural skin care product is not going to help your cause.  It is a good idea to read product reviews and do your research on the product before you shell out any cash.  Skin care products are not one size fits all. They contain different ingredients and will respond based on these factors.

To ensure that you receive even greater results you can visit a professional such as a dermatologist.  The dermatologist will help you find what your skin type is like and what it will need to flourish the most.  It is easy to get caught up in the astronomical amount of natural skin care products on the market to chose from.

Remember To Cleanse, Tone And Keep Your Skin Moisturized

To make it simple, when you cleanse your face you are removing any dirt or build-up.  A toner removes impurities and keeps the skin balanced. Lastly, when you moisturize the skin it becomes hydrated and soft.  Keeping your skin moisturized is probably one of the most important steps in your natural skin care routine.  Properly hydrated skin will keep your face healthy, have a nice glow and keep dry skin at bay.

Getting a good quality cleanser is just as important.  You should not try to take the easy route and cut corners.  Daily use of a natural skin care product whether it be morning or nighttime use is imperative.  The point of a natural skin care routine is to improve your complexion and focus on any neglected areas.

Less Is More

Your natural skin care routine does not have to be one that is complicated. Your skin care routine should be “stupid simple”as I like to call it.  Don’t complicate things!  The less products you use the better and will make your routine much more pleasant and less of a chore.  Stick to the standard 2-3 products and watch how your skin transforms.  It is more so about consistency than it is the amount.  Besides, you may find that down the road as your skin changes and you become older, your products will also change.  So, don’t get too comfortable because your routine may require changes overtime.

Be Patient And Give It Sometime

Good things come to those who wait.  As I have said many times before nothing happens overnight and consistency is key in whatever you do.  There is no quick fix, the work must be done.  You have to allow enough time to see and reap the benefits.  For example, I tell people all the time that when they use our whipped shea butter for skin (stretch marks, blemishes and acne) I tell them not to expect results overnight.  It is all about growth that happens overtime.  I tell them to give at least 2-4 weeks to notice a significant difference.  It’s not a sprint it’s a marathon.