Why Do I Have Dark Spots On My Face

Why Do I have Dark Spots On My Face?

Why Do I have Dark Spots On My Face

There are several reasons that you could have dark spots on your face.  Regardless of the cause it can be frustrating because it changes the appearance of your skin.  We all want healthy, attractive looking skin so it is best to figure out what is causing the dark spots on your face and find a solution.  You’ve been searching for the answer to your question why do I have dark spots on my face and below I will talk about what could be the possible causes.  Dark spots on your face can be the symptoms of many things.  Some of them being poor health, diet, skin care products and your lifestyle overall.

Dark Spots On Your Face Could Be Blemishes

Blemishes are very common after an acne outbreak.  They are also known as dark spots.  They start to form when the skin cells also known as melanocytes produce an over abundance of melanin which creates dark patches on the skin.  Blemishes are most common in African Americans and those who have a darker skin tone.  The best way to keep blemishes away is to avoid acne breakouts.  To do this try drinking more water and exfoliating.  This will help to keep the skin free of dirt and sweat, which all cause acne to form.

Changes In Hormones

As your body goes through changes your skin can also be affected.  For example, pregnancy and birth control can cause your skin to go through changes.  During pregnancy your body is going through lots of changes.  It causes the body to produce more melanin than usual.  While pregnant you may experience dark spots around the chin, forehead, jawline, cheeks and nose.  These changes are known as the mask of pregnancy. Of course every individual is different but for most this type of hyperpigmentation can last for the entire 9 months of pregnancy, unless the hormones return back to their normal levels.


If you are African American chances are you or someone you know suffers from eczema.  It can very frustrating not to mention the damage it does to the skin.  Eczema causes the skin to feel really dry and flaky and after a breakout the skin is left very discolored.  The discoloration comes from the inflammation.  As your skin begins  to heal the body produces melanin which is why you may find dark spots.

How To Heal Dark Spots On Your Face?

When trying to get rid of dark spots it is best that you use an all natural product.  There are two ingredients that are hands down the best at healing, and removing darks spots on the face and skin. The two ingredients are shea and cocoa butter.  It is best to use raw/organic shea and cocoa butter as they contain all of the vitamins and nutrients that are essential to fading your dark spots.  Shea and cocoa butters have a high vitamin e content which works exceptionally well for toning and healing the skin.  We have created the perfect blend and you can grab yours here.  Additionally, you can decrease the amount of dark spots on your face by drinking 8 glasses of water daily and adding our shea butter blend to your skin care routine.