How To Prevent Acne

How to prevent acne

How To Prevent Acne

Acne….those dreadful bumps that pop up when you least expect them to and always at a time when you’ve planned to show up at an event.  Trust me, I get it.  I personally have dealt with acne all of my life and once I made some changes to my skin care routine, the acne pretty much became non-existent.  Even if you have been dealing with acne your entire life you can fix it.  It is all about the type of products and ingredients you use on your skin as well as your diet.  Both work hand and hand and if you make these simple changes you will notice a difference in your skin.  Lets take a look at how to prevent acne.

Moisturize Your Skin To Prevent Acne

Here is a secret, the more you moisturize your skin the less your body will have to produce its own oils.  You may be thinking to yourself that this doesn’t seem so bad.  In actuality your skin producing excess amounts of oil can cause acne breakouts.  Our skin produces an oil called sebum and when it is produced in large amounts it can clog the pores.  So it is a must you make sure that you keep your skin moisturized with a quality product.  This will keep the oil on your skin regulated without over producing.  Try using an organic/natural product to avoid any adverse affects.

Use Shea Butter To Prevent Acne

Organic shea butter is one of the best options to keep your acne under control.  It absorbs really well into the skin, moisturizes well without clogging your pores and is lightweight.  All of these factors are important when working towards preventing acne.  Shea butter is also easy to apply when it is whipped, which is also great because you will be manipulating the skin less than usual.  The more you are able to keep your hands away from your face the better.  And lets just be honest this is something needed when trying to form a healthy skin care routine.

Apply Butta Babee's Whipped Shea Butter

Our whipped shea butter can help you while on your journey to taking care of your skin and keeping acne at bay.  Additionally, shea butter contains properties such as linoleic acid that locks in moisture and strengthen the skin.

Wash Your Face

One other important step to preventing acne is to keep your skin clean.  Acne is a result of dirt and build-up that has clogged the pores causing inflammation (acne).  I recommend ( as this has also helped me) that during the hotter months you wash your face twice per day.  Once in the morning and again in the evening before heading to bed.  You should never leave sweat, oil and dirt on your face that has accumulated from the elements.  Your pores need to be able to breath freely so that they can flourish.  When you wash your face, be thorough and cleanse in a circular, slow motion.  Don’t handle the skin roughly as you can cause more damage.  Also, be sure to use a gentle soap such as African Black Soap.  It does not contain any sulfates which are very harsh on the skin.

Drink Water

I know, I know you are probably looking at the screen right now rolling your eyes because lets face it, water isn’t the most fun and exciting beverage to drink.  As a teenager for me, drinking water was never a thing.  As I grew older and realized how important it was for my skin and health, my whole thought process changed.  Today I try to get in about 6 cups of water and it truly does keep the acne at bay and melts away blemishes I may have.  Water is a natural cleanser and it is something that our bodies need inorder to thrive and function properly.  Water also removes toxins that cause acne.  It flushes your system like nobody’s business and overall is just great for your skin and body.  The moral of the story?  Add water to your routine if you want clear skin!

No Make-Up, Go Bare!

Ladies, I want you to know that if you take care of your skin you will no longer have to hide the damage on your face from acne.  Did you know that make-up only makes your acne worse?  It further clogs the pores with unhealthy chemicals and your pores are not able to breath. In reality the make-up is doing more harm than good.  It is a temporary fix that causes additional problems in the long run.  If you are wearing make-up to cover up acne scars you no longer have to.  Start by using organic whipped shea butter to remove your scars.  The shea butter will also even out your skin tone and allow for your pores to breath.  If you can’t cut the make-up cold turkey, cut back little by little.  Your skin will thank you for it.

Incorporate Anti-Inflammatory Products

Here I am again raving about how wonderful shea butter is as an anti-inflammatory treatment.  I mean, its exactly what acne suffers need to fix their problem.  Inflammation is the major cause of acne.  Your body is trying to remove foreign objects and unfortunately the face is on of the areas that it loves to show up on.  But, shea butter is also a great option for an anti-inflammatory treatment. Why? because it helps to reduce bacteria that causes acne in the very first place.  It has also been known to soothe a breakout.  

Research On Shea Butter And Acne

A study also found that shea butter can prevent fungus from growing.  As a result, this can help those who may be suffering from fungal acne.  What is an additional perk you’ll get for using shea butter for your acne is that it removes excessive amounts of oil.  This allows to effectively moisturize, in turn avoiding dryness on the skin.  Grab your shea butter today!