Blemishes On The Skin

Blemishes On The Skin

Healthy On The Inside

Our skin is what people see when we are approached.  Having healthy skin shows that you are not only healthy on the outside, but on the inside as well.  Healthy skin does not start from the outside.  You must first take care of your body from the inside and get rid of unwanted toxins.  Your routine may be a factor in why your blemishes won’t go away.  Blemishes on the skin are dark spots and discoloration on the skin that usually happens after acne outbreak.  Let’s be honest no one wants to walk around with damaged skin let alone blemishes.  When your skin is healthy it improves your appearance overall.  Blemishes stem from acne and acne stems from poor skin care(in most cases). Natural skin care products will help your damaged skin.

Getting To The Root Of The Problem

To figure out how to get rid of blemishes you need to know where the problem is coming from.  Acne is unfortunately the culprit of blemishes and how they appear on your skin.  Acne happens when your pores are blocked.  They can be blocked with bacteriadead skin and oil.  After this point if the acne is not treated properly it will 90% of the time leave a dark spot where the pimple or zit once was.

I’ve struggled with acne myself in the past but I’ve learned how to keep it under control.  Getting clear skin is not the easiest task but it also isn’t the hardest.  It’s all about following and creating a routine that works best for you.  There are a few steps that you can adopt that can help combat acne which will ultimately result in little to no blemishes on the skin. 

Steps For Healthier Skin

The first step that you should take is to get in the habit of washing your face daily.  Try doing this while  you are taking a hot shower.  The heat from the shower will open your pores and help to release the toxins in your skin.  Next, if you do end up with pimples DO NOT POP THEM! This is what causes scarring and will leave blemishes and dark spots long after the breakout has occurred.  It is best practice to also keep your hands out of your face especially if you have not washed them.  It’s easy to transfer dirt and bacteria from your hands to your face.  

Thirdly, as you may know I am big on drinking lots of water.  Why you ask? does a body good!.  This is also a very important step to preventing breakouts.  Water will hydrate your skin and flush your system. Lastly, eat a healthy diet.  Eating more leafy greens will create an environment in your body that will allow for you to have healthier and clear skin.  Try to get about 5-7 servings of vegetables daily.  There are many other steps to avoid acne and blemishes but I feel these are most important and effective if they are followed.

Creams And Other Products

When it comes to building a skin care routine organic and natural is the way to go.  Blemishes can be hard to remove once they are there but it is possible.  Two natural skin care products in particular that work well for acne and blemishes are whipped shea butter and cocoa butter.  When these two are paired together its a powerful combination.  Not to mention how nutrition and vitamin packed it is.  This combination should be applied to the skin twice daily.  You’ll start to notice that the dark spots will fade, the skin will have more elasticity and look much healthier. At this point, you wont have any worries of why your blemishes won’t go away. 

Our whipped shea butter blend can be purchased here and allows for easy application to the skin.  In my opinion, this is the natural skin care product for anyone dealing with any type of skin condition. This will help you to get rid of blemishes on the skin. Try it out, you’ll be on your way to jaw dropping skin.