Do Hair Growth Oils Really Work?

Do hair growth oils really work

Do Hair Growth Oil Really Work?

In the world we live in today everyone wants instant gratification.  This goes for earning money, getting over a cold, purchasing that dream car and house you’ve always wanted.  And you know what?  The same mind set applies when it comes to growing long healthy hair.  With the amount of hair growth oils on the market it can get tricky trying to find a brand of oils that will work.  So you are asking yourself, do hair growth oils really work?  I have to be honest with you, they do work if you are using them properly and if they contain the proper ingredients for them to work effectively.

Do Hair Growth Oils Work On All Hair Types?

There are several oils that are on the market, but not all are good options for hair growth.  Each oil works and functions differently.  So its important that if you want to grow your hair using natural oils, that you are using the right oils.  Hair growth oils can be used on all hair types but may need to be used differently for each hair type.  For example, if you have a thicker texture of hair you can apply the oil to your scalp and leave it on until your next wash day.  If you have thinner texture of hair, leaving the growth oil on your scalp may not be the best option, as it may weight your hair down.  As we discuss further we will talk about why hair growth oils work.

Why Do Hair Growth Oils Work?

Hair growth oils work because it allows the follicles to be stimulated with nutrients in order to expand and start growing new healthy hair out of the scalp.  When the hair follicles strink, the hair is not able to grow or it will grow thin.  To get the scalp stimulated, the hair follicles need to be feed antioxidants.  Antioxidants help to reduce free radicals and oxidative stress that weaken hair follicles, cause hair loss and breaks down the scalp.  Many of the more popular oils that are used for hair growth contains a high amount of vitamin e.  Vitamin e is also very essential for growing long hair, as it maintains and keeps the hair strands strong.

What Oils Work?

There are several hair growth oils that actually work.  Here at Butta Babee we use some of the oils that are listed in our Follicle Awakening Hair Oil.  It is great for maintaining a healthy scalp and growing long, healthy hair.  Anyway, some of the best hair growth oils that really work are: rosemary, vitamin e, lavender, peppermint, olive oil, coconut oil, castor and flaxseed oil.  There are many other hair growth oils that work which I have not mentioned here.  For these oils to work they must be used consistently and correctly.  Nothing that you do once or twice will yield results, its all about how consistent you are.

Massage It In

I know that there are hair care blogs out there that tell you to apply the oil to your scalp and you’ll be good to go.  I am here to tell you that if you want the growth oils to work, just applying it to your scalp won’t be good enough.  You are going to have to get in their, use those fingertips and get to work.  Once you have applied the oil to your scalp, massage gently in a circular motion for about 2-3 minutes.  This will wake up the hair follicles and get those juices following so that the growing process can begin.

How Does Massaging Help

Massaging those oils in really allows for them to penetrate the follicles giving you the best result possible.  For an extra boost of growth you can try warming the oil before applying it to your scalp.  Heat makes things expand and in this case this is exactly what you need; your follicles to expand to get all of the goodness the oils have to offer.

How To Use Them For Your Hair Type

First, I want to say that someone who has a thicker hair texture will not be able to apply the oil the same way as someone who has a looser curl pattern.  The hair growth oil has to be applied to the hair so that it can work.  If you have hair that is closer to a 4c texture than the oil can be applied to the scalp about every other day.  Because thicker and more coarse hair soaks up oil and moisture faster than looser curl patterns such as a 3c. You will need to apply more often to continue to replenish the scalp.  For hair textures closer to 3c applying the oil about 1-2 times per week should suffice.  You don’t want to overdue it by clogging your pores with the oil, because you won’t notice any growth.  You could experience hair loss instead.

They Increase Cirulation

These amazing oils work because they increase blood circulation to the scalp.  Blood circulation is what stimulates the follicles to get those hair strands sprouting.  Blood flow is the most important when it comes to growing hair.  Natural oils that are used to make the hair growth oils contain omega 3 fatty acids.  A study done in 1998 discovered that essential oils of rosemary, lavender and cedarwood when applied to the scalp experienced more hair growth.  This is also why essential oils are so great. This experiment was done over a period of seven months.  Essential oils are very potent and only need to be used in small quantities to get results.

Get Growing!

Now that your question of do hair growth oils really work has been answered, you can start growing your hair.  Using these amazing oils, you can try putting your own mixture together.  You can also try our Follicle Awakening Hair Oil that includes some of the oils that were mentioned in this article and sure to yield the hair growth you need.