The Benefits Of Flaxseed Oil For Hair

The benefits of flaxseed oil for hair

The Benefits Of Flaxseed Oil For Hair

Flaxseed oil also known as linseed oil  is most popular for the countless health benefits that it offers.  It has been around for centuries and during that time people discovered how much it can improve their health overall.  But, did you know that flaxseed oil offers amazing benefits for the hair too?  Here at Butta Babee we have used flaxseed oil in our product for quite sometime now. I must say that if you haven’t already added this oil to your hair care routine, you should.  You’ll witness how much healthier your hair will become and how much stronger it will feel.  If you are unfamiliar with the benefits of flaxseed oil for hair we will talk about it here in this blog.

Flaxseed Oil Benefits The Hair By Making Stronger Hair Follicles

Flaxseed oil has a high vitamin e content which helps to keep free radicals at bay.  In turn, this promotes hair growth.  The vitamin e promotes stronger hair follicles allowing the hair to grow long and healthy.  For you to grow healthy hair, the follicle must first be healthy to generate new cells.  It all starts from within.  If the follicles are weak, you will grow thin, weak hair or sadly no hair at all.

Moisturizes Dry Hair

This great oil does really well absorbing into thristy hair strands.  It is a fairly thin oil in texture so it has the ability to absorb much easier than other oils that have a thicker texture.  The oil can be applied a couple of times per week to achieve optimum moisture.   Butta Babee and I have added flaxseed oil as one of our ingredients in our Follicle Awakening Hair Oil, because it is just that awesome.  Additionally, our 4c hair loves it!  As you may know 4c hair is very coarse and needs as much moisture as possible and flaxseed oil gets the job done.

Fights Inflammation

Linseed oil is anti-inflammatory and nourishes the scalp.  It contains omega 3 fatty acids that help to reduce inflammation. Inflammation on the scalp is one of the top reasons that your hair may not grow.  Inflammation causes dandruff, dry scalp and hair loss.  Additionally, when the scalp is inflammed the urge to itch becomes excessive.  Scratching can damage the scalp and eventually leading to hair loss.  Scratching weakens the hair follicle and hair strands.

Treats Split Ends

Lets be clear, there is nothing that will actually repair split ends.  Once the ends of your hair are split they must be cut off, to avoid damaging the rest of the hair strand.  Raggedy ends will never be in style and they really turn a good looking hair style into a hot mess.  If you are not able to clip your ends for whatever reason you can try adding flaxseed oil.  The oil will keep the hair smooth temporarily and reduce dryness.  I want to mention that before adding the oil to the hair be sure to moisturize it first with some type of liquid (water or leave in conditioner).  After applying the liquid you can seal that it by putting the oil on top. Check out our LOC method article that talks about how to properly moisturize and seal your hair.

Increases Hair Growth

Again as we have discussed previously linseeds are high in Omega 3 fatty acids.  These fatty acids prevent the loss and thinning of the hair.  For healthy hair growth the hair also needs copper, selenium, magensium, manganese and vitamin b.  You’ll be happy to know that you can get all of the from flaxseed oil.  Yes! it is that amazing.  All of these nutrients are known to boost hair growth and also grows longer and stronger hair.  When these essential nutrients are added to your regimen you will notice that the overall quality of the hair will improve.  For the best results, you can oil your scalp with linseed oil about 2-3 times per week.  Happy Hair Growing!