LOC Method On Natural Hair

the loc method on natural hair

LOC Method On Natural Hair

The techniques you use on your natural hair will make or break the health of your hair.  Moisturizing natural hair is one of the most important steps that should be implemented in your natural hair routine.  Depending on your natural hair type your hair can become extremely dry and adding moisture will keep your hair from breaking and drying out.  This is where using the loc method on your natural hair comes into play.  If you are unfamiliar with the loc method it’s designed to keep the hair moisturized and healthy.  First, I will explain what the loc method is.

What Does LOC Stand For?

To use the loc method on natural hair you have to know what it means.  The “L” stands for liquid, “O” for oil and “C” for cream.  Some naturals decide to do this method in that exact order.  Unfortunately, that order does not work well for everyone.  People with 4c hair may benefit from doing the  lco method instead.  For me personally, the lco method works best on myself and butta babee’s hair.  For us, using the oil last allows for everything that we used prior to be sealed in to lock in the moisture.  

How To Do The LOC Method On Natural Hair

You can either do the loc or lco method on your freshly or pre washed natural hair.  You will first need to use some type of liquid.  This can be water or leave in conditioner (water is the best type of moisturizer).  Apply that throughout  your entire head.  Secondly, you’ll need a cream or oil (depending on what order you are doing the method in).  For the cream you can use a pudding like curling cream.  Then finally, an oil.  I like to use a blend of oils/butters.  If I decide to use an oil instead of a butter, I normally go with our follicle awakening hair oil.  Or if I am in the mood to use a butter it will be our whipped shea butter blend.  Keep in mind that you do not need to use an oil and butter together.  Shea butter works as an oil so you can choose between the two.

How Often Should It Be Done

The LOC method can be done on your natural hair as often as you feel necessary.  If your hair soaks up moisture quickly, feels dry and brittle you may have to do it everyday.  The purpose of it all is to add moisture to the hair that has been lost.  As I mentioned earlier your hair type will determine how often you have to do the loc method.  Also, be mindful of how much product you are using for each session.  You don’t want to end up with product build up which will only harm the hair in the future.  Product build up will block moisture from being penetrated in the hair resulting in dry, brittle crispy hair.

Who Came Up With The LOC Method

The loc method came about from the founder of Alikay Naturals.  Her name is Rochelle Graham and she is very popular in the natural hair care community and blogs everywhere.  During her natural hair journey, she read a book called “grow it”, which teaches how to grow hair.  She put a little twist on what she learned to help her remember the most important steps to keep her hair moisturized.  As a result, she came up with the loc method.

Keep Your Texture In Mind

The loc method works great on kinky curly hair.  If you have a looser curl pattern be mindful that the loc method can weigh the hair down because of the products needed to implement the method.  For looser curls it’s best to use oils and creams that are light weight and not use them so often.  A dime sized amount for looser curls is recommended.  Use light oils such as jojoba, argan and coconut oil.  A little goes along way!