How To Apply Whipped Shea Butter For The Skin And Hair?

How To Apply Whipped Shea Butter

Shea Butter For Skin

I know I know you’re probably reading this article right now thinking to yourself, How to apply whipped shea butter? I can apply shea body butter at any point, what’s the difference. Right? Well you might just be delightfully surprised.  “Sure you can apply it whenever you feel like it” but, that does not guarantee that you will get the maximum results that you are looking to receive.  We all desire healthy skin and healthy hair so we must follow the best practices to achieve what is necessary.

The Butter

Whipped Shea butters are known for their creamy consistency and nutritional value.  They are one of the most effective ways to nourish your skin from the outside in.  So you want to know how and when whipped shea butter should be applied to the hair and skin?  For starters, let me just put it out there that body butters require more effort to rub in your skin than a typical skin care cream. The additional effort that you put forth is worth it in the very end. The butters do not contain any water in them and they do not dry out your skin and hair like many creams.  This is why it is important to know when to apply the butter because of the lack of water that they contain. They also do not contain any preservatives to stop them from spoiling.

Heating Things Up

After you have taken a bath or shower would be the most ideal time to apply any body butter.  The reason this is because during a shower (hot shower), your pores will open from the water temperature and steam.  The heat of the water relaxes your skin and opens your pores.  During this process your pores are releasing excess oil, which may cause blackheads and whiteheads and acne.  You don’t have to set the water temperature too hot that it makes you feel uncomfortable. It should be hot enough to cleanse and release build-up which also causes acne.

The Application

Our natural body lubricant called sebum is suppose to help keep our skin and hair moisturized. Our diets don’t allow for this to happen and we lose all of what mother nature has to offer.  This is where body butter can help. Immediately after you have taken a shower you should pat dry your skin. Next, gently rub in the whipped shea butter in a circular motion.  Applying the butter immediately after the shower, will lock in the moisture that you have gained from the shower. Shortly after applying the butter you’ll notice that your skin is soft, supple, with a slight glow.

Just A Heads Up

When you are using a natural hair care product like shea butter, the same habits should be practiced as when you are using whipped shea butter.  This is especially true for all of my natural haired women. We know that every step on wash day must be done in order or else you could possibly be risking a dried out, hot mess, twist out, braid out etc. At times Natural hair has a mind of its own . As much as we try to tame it using our own ideology, sometimes it just doesn’t work out and we are left with the ultimate bed head.

A Few More Hair Details

When you are ending your wash day session you would normally moisturize your hair with some type of liquid and then add the butter.  The butter should be added after you have moisturized your hair, or else you’ll be locking in dryness. As mentioned earlier butters do not contain any water so you must apply moisture before hand.  Whipped Shea butter is used to seal in all of the moisture you have added to your hair strands. Depending on the density and thickness of your hair, you may or may not need to use a significant amount. 

The amount of butter that you use will also depend on how dry your hair may be, and how dry it gets overtime.  Anytime the butter is reapplied to your hair, always take care to add moisture back in first.  I know it can be time consuming but, it needs to be done in order for the butter to work to its full potential. The shea butter should be applied from roots to ends. You can also apply it to your scalp if you suffer from dandruff. With consistent use of the product you’ll notice that your hair has become healthier and less dry.  You may even have longer days in between the time you would need to moisturize, because the butter is moisturizing in itself.