Benefits Of Coconut Oil For Skin

benefits of coconut oil for skin

Benefits Of Coconut Oil For Skin

Coconut oil! It smells wonderful and offers so many great benefits for the skin.  Because it is a natural moisturizer, is one of the many reasons why you should have this oil apart of your skin care routine.  I personally consider it to be a miracle oil.  I mean, it works so well for several things, not just for your skin and hair.  The beauty benefits are endless and it makes sense that cosmetic companies have turned to this ingredient to improve their product.  Here at Butta Babee we absolutely love the benefits of coconut oil for skin.

Coconut Oil Benefits The Skin By Reducing Inflammation

The oil contains lauric acid.  Lauric acid contains antibacterial properties and studies have shown that it really helps with reducing, combating acne and reducing inflammation.  Inflammation is what causes the skin to flair up, and cause those annoying breakouts that are sometimes hard to get rid of.  The oil provides a protective barrier on the skin and boost skin health.

Moisturizes The Skin

The hydration that coconut oil offers is amazing.  Some like to compare mineral oil to coconut oil because they feel that the moisturizing benefits are equal to one another.  I have to disagree with this because comparing coconut oil and mineral oil is like comparing apples and oranges.  Why? because mineral does not moisturize.  It is by product of petroleum, dries the skin out even more than what it already is because it actually locks moisture out.  When this happens your skin turns to a dried out mess.  On the other hand, coconut oil has the ability to moisturize because it contains fatty acids .  Fatty acids keep the skin hydrated and looking youthful.

Natural Make-Up Remover

You can have the toughest and most resistant make-up known to man but coconut oil can be used a make-up remover.  Yes, it will actually work as a make-up remover.  Coconut oil can be used as a cleanser at the end of the day when you are bringing it home and are ready to remove your make-up.  This happens because of the natural detergent effect that the oil offers.  To remove make-up all it takes is a little bit of gentle rubbing, while applying it to your skin while it is dry.

Relieves Eczema

One of the benefits of coconut oil for the skin is that it fights eczema.  Eczema is a skin condition that many in America suffer from.  It can also become very annoying sometimes and damages the skin if it is not treated properly or in a timely manner.  Eczema is severely dry skin that itches like nobody’s business.  Coconut oil is very thin which is a major plus for eczema sufferers.  A thin oil such as one like this can penetrate the skin pretty quickly and boost hydration levels.  When this happens itchy skin stops, elasticity in the skin improves and the chances of infection reduces.

Reduces Wrinkles

As you age your body and skin changes with wrinkles being most common.  Wrinkles come about when skin is dry and is not getting a sufficient amount of moisture.  Also, the loss of collagen as we age is also a major factor in why wrinkles are so common among the elderly.   That is why preserving your collagen is also another important factor to keeping wrinkles away.  Collagen is a protein that the body naturally produces.  It is a protein that is necessary to keep the skin healthy and have lots of elasticity.  Additionally, collagen promotes healing of the skin.

Heals Wounds

Isn’t this great news?!  A natural oil that heals those nasty wounds.  Not needing or having to rely on synthetic ingredients can be a deal breaker in how well your wounds will heal after injury.  You may be wondering how this is possible right?  Coconut oil has antibacterial properties and it helps wounds and cuts to heal faster than normal.  Additionally, when we have wounds we are also concerned with germs and infections. The miracle oil combats germs which in turn reduces infections. Coconut oil can be applied to the wounds daily without any adverse effects.

Removes Scars And Dark Spots

Dark spots and scars can be to hard to get rid of after an acne breakout.  Vitamin e is what will take your scars from dark and patchy to barely noticeable to the naked eye.  Coconut oil has a high content of vitamin e which really nourishes and deeply penetrates skin that has been damaged.  The oil is thin enough to penetrate the scars and you’ll have glowing and youthful skin with daily use.

Smoothes And Improves Skin Tone

You can really maximize your benefits using coconut oil if you want to smooth your skin and promote a healthier skin tone.  For these particular skin flaws you can get creative to remedy the situation.  An overnight coconut oil treatment is very beneficial to your skin.  Warming the oil a bit before applying it to your skin will help to expand and open your pores. This way, the skin can soak up all of the nutrients and vitamins that the coconut oil has.  A little goes along way, you don’t need to over saturate your skin to see results.  With consistent use you should notice a difference in supple and smoothness of your skin.  You can thank the vitamin e in the oil for that one (smile)!