Symptoms Of Eczema

Symptoms Of Eczema

What Is Eczema?

What are the symptoms of eczema, causes and treatments?  Eczema is a skin condition that makes your skin dry, red and itchy. It is most common in children but also affects people in other age groups.  It has been said that there is no cure for Eczema (atopic dermatitis). At the moment there may not be a “cure” but self-care can prevent you from having ongoing outbreaks.  You can take small steps such as avoiding the use of harsh soaps and moisturize your skin regularly. Be sure to use a natural skin care product such as whipped shea butter.

Dry Skin

Some of the symptoms of eczema that you may experience vary from person to person may be: dry skin, itching, small raised bumps that may leak fluid, scaly and raw sensitive skin from scratching the affected area.  Atopic Dermatitis will normally begin to show its signs before a child has reached age 5.

If you decided to google search the symptoms of eczema and causes it will tell you that eczema is related to a gene variation that affects the skin’s ability to provide protection from bacteria, irritants and allergens. Without this protection your skin now becomes vulnerable to the elements, environmental factors, irritants and allergens.  I’d have to say that I do not agree and I’ll explain why.

Bad Habits

As for me and my personal experience with my son, we have dealt with eczema for quite sometime now.  He is 11 years old and we came up with a system to keep his eczema under control to a certain degree.  Most people believe that eczema just “shows up” which is far from the case. We normally have lifestyles and daily routines that affect the ways our bodies function and react to our bad habits.  For example, we don’t take into consideration habits such as drinking, smoking and the type of food that we ingest have an affect on our internal and external health. Your diet plays a major role in how eczema will or will not show its symptoms.  Eczema comes from things that we ingest but we never think twice about this as symptoms start to flare.

Eliminating Dairy

For my son, we decided to cut out all things dairy from his diet for a few months to see if there would be any improvement in his skin.  He would eat dairy products in school and then come to do it all again.  Cheese, cows milk, ice-cream and everything you can imagine that is made with dairy had to go.  Because dairy products can cause mucus build up in our bodies it does nothing for us nutritionally.  I won’t deny that these types of foods are delicious but realistically speaking they are terrible health wise.  Along with eliminating dairy we also made sure that he drank lots of water to flush his system daily. After a few months of staying consistent with our new plan and using natural skin care products his eczema went away and his skin started to clear up significantly.

Dark Spots

His constant flare-ups and scratching left his skin with dark spots.  This was not so good when summertime rolled around.  He wore many short sleeved shirts, shorts and the dark marks that were on his arms and legs were not very attractive.  We were able to remedy this issue with our whipped shea butter blend that you can purchase here. The whipped shea butter was used on his skin twice per day. Once in the morning before school and at night right before bed, and boy oh boy did we see major changes. The symptoms of eczema drastically changed.

Consistency Is Key

Consistency is key. Nothing you do once or twice will yield any results nor will it happen overnight. You want to stay away from prescribed medications, as these usually have some type of chemicals and added steroids.  Treatment is possible with natural skin care products that are given to us from mother nature, and work if you are consistent. Eczema is just a way of your body telling you that something is wrong internally and that dry, itchy skin that you see is just your body trying to release toxins.  Listen to your body and you’ll lead a more healthy and joyful life!