Why Are Parabens Bad?


They Are Everywhere!

Cosmetics are one of the biggest industries in the U.S.  Grocery stores and supermarkets are filled with hair and skin care products.  The most popular are shampoos, conditioners, lotions, soap, make-up, etc.  But, have you ever thought that most of these products are terrible for you? Not because of what they are, but how they are made and what type of ingredients are in them.  I know that you may not be in the habit of looking at the ingredient list on your hair and skin care products but you should start.  Many times the chemicals used to make these products are harmful and can cause serious health problems.  One of those chemicals being parabens. Why are parabens bad for you? We’ll dive in to see why.

Parabens Are One Of The Worst Chemicals

First, not all beauty products are made equally. For sure not all are good to use on your hair and skin.  If you are well aware of the cosmetic industry and how things work, you’d understand why certain chemicals and ingredients are used to produce these products.  I am sure you have heard of parabens.  They are horrible for our hair and skin.  There are several types of parabens that are used in the cosmetic industry.  The most common are: propylparabenbutylparaben and methylparaben.  Parabens are chemicals that are used as preservatives in cosmetics.  They stop the growth of mold, bacteria and protects the consumers who purchase them and the product itself.

So, Why Are Parabens Bad?

Simply put, parabens are bad for you because they can enter the body through your skin and cause harm.  Your body sees parabens as a weak form of estrogen that lingers in your body(which is horrible for men).  Men naturally have small amounts of estrogen.  If he consistently uses hair and skin care products that contain parabens which increases his estrogen levels, he may have difficulties keeping an erection.  No to mention, so many other health issues that may arise such as cancer.

Parabens Disrupt Hormone Functions

Interestingly, researchers believe that parabens disrupt the hormone function because it acts as oestrogen.  Oestrogen which is most commonly known as estrogen is the primary female hormone.  This hormone regulates many female bodily functions including the menstrual cycle.  If this system is altered, other things in the body will be compromised.  This happens because the body does not recognize foreign objects. So. it puts itself into “fighting mode”.

Parabens Are Bad Because They Cause Cancer

As I mentioned in the previous paragraph that parabens are foreign objects to the body.  When they enter the body, overtime they can make you sick.  When I say sick I don’t mean having a cold or even the flu.  You will have much bigger problems to face like cancer.  Cancer is a sign that something has gone wrong in the body and it is trying to fight the disease off.  Cancer lives in a body that has dead or dying cells ( a weak immune system) which is caused by parabens. Parabens were found in breast tissues and breast cancers.

Parabens In Food

Did you know that parabens are also put in foods. Gross! I don’t know about you but I don’t want anything in my food that it is not edible.  That is a surefire way to rev up the engine for some major problems to be expected. But, I think we all understand why they are put in our foods in the first place.  Companies want to stretch their dollars so they’d rather use preservatives (parabens) to increase the shelf life of the food.  They help to prevent yeast, mold, bacteria and most importantly cause illness in humans.  Some of your favorite foods contain these terrible preservatives such as pickles, ice cream, beer and much more.  Avoid parabens by eating foods that are natural, organic and contain natural preservatives.

They Cause Skin Irritation

One other reason parabens are bad for you is because they cause skin irritation.  So many Americans suffer from skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and several others.  These conditions don’t just come up.  They are a clear correlation to the chemicals that we put on our skin and foods that we put in our bodies.  It is the reason why someone may use a skin care product and breakout in hives and rashes.  Or even when eating certain types of foods that causes a reaction.  Ingredients are so important when it comes to our health overall.  My motto is when in doubt, go the natural route.  It will never fail you.

Use Natural Cosmetics And Eat Organic Foods

Finally, when you make it a habit of purchasing only natural and organic products you won’t suscept yourself to harmful parabens.  Foods and cosmetics are that are labeled to be organic and natural have strict rules and guidelines that they have to follow.  This means that they must be grown and made with certain types of natural preservatives which is healthier for the masses.  These foods and cosmetics may be more expensive but you owe it to yourself and body to be cared for properly.  You should only be using the best. Steer clear of parabens and other harmful chemicals.  If you can’t pronounce it you shouldn’t eat it or use it.