What Is Cocoa Butter?

What is cocoa butter?

What Is Cocoa Butter?

Ahhh cocoa butter.  It is a fat that is edible, has a pale yellow color and comes from the cocoa bean.  I mean its something that we all love, why? because it is how chocolate, toiletries, ointments, pharmaceuticals are made.  Additionally, it keeps the hair and skin healthy.  It is also known as theobroma oil.  It is unfortunate that many people have not been able to experience the real benefits of raw and organic cocoa butter. They truth is they were never really introduced to it.  Yes, it is sold in stores but I am going to be honest with you, it is a watered down version  of real of the real deal.  It is filled with harmful, unnatural ingredients such as petroleum and mineral oil.  With that being said we will answer the question what is cocoa butter? What it does, where it comes from, etc.

What Is Cocoa Butter And Where Does It Come From?

The cacao tree(where cocoa butter comes from) is grown in Ghana, which is located in Africa.  It has a chocolate scent and packed with vitamins and antioxidants such as vitamins a, b, c, and e.  Which makes it an outstanding hair and skin moisturizer.  The process for making it is extremely tedious but this explains why it is such a valuable ingredient to have apart of your daily beauty routine.  The cocoa beans are first fermented in banana leaves than dried and roasted.  Next, the beans are grinded into a powder.  This fat can also be obtained by roasting the beans and pressing them.  This process helps the vegetable fat to be released faster.

What Is Cocoa Butter Used For?

It is known for its hydrating and moisturizing benefits.  Today you can find this wonderful ingredient in lotions, face creams and hair care products.  Companies use it as a main ingredient because it protects the skin while retaining moisture.  Because of this, the skin becomes more elastic (having the ability to bounce back) and less likely to form wrinkles.  Cocoa butter is commonly used for scars, wrinkles, dark spots, blemishes and much more.  It is also a great skin care option for women who are pregnant to smooth and minimize stretch marks.  Did I mention that it is also a must have if you suffer from eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis.

It's A Vitamin Packed Moisturizer

There are several vitamins and chemical constituents in cocoa butter that allows it to work so well.  Some of these are palmitic acid, oleic acid, stearic acid, linoleic acid, vitamin k, vitamin e and phytosterols.  All of these are essential if you are looking to have healthy skin and hair.

For Hair

It gives the hair a nice sheen, softens and moisturizes.  These benefits offered by cocoa butter is what helps to grow long, strong hair.  You  can also use it as a pre-poo which is done before a washing session is started.  Using it as a pre-poo will make the hair stronger, you’ll also experience less breakage and shedding.  Hot oil treatments with cocoa butter is also an option.  It soothes the scalp while eliminating dandruff.


Cocoa butter is very versatile and suprisingly can be used for several things to solve problems from hair to the skin.  See them listed below:

-make natural lip balm

-create a moisturizing body butter

-make you favorite chocolate candies

make bath melts

-create an all natural deodorant

-make whipped soap

-use a nighttime face cream

-use it to cook your favorite meals