Tips For Summer Skin Care

tips for summer skin care

Tips For Summer Skin Care

Summer is quickly approaching  and i am sure you are here because you want to make sure that you are summertime fine (wink, wink).  Having a skin care routine that fits all seasons can be a bit difficult but I will share with you the best tips for summer skin care.  As the seasons change more than likely your skin care routine  will change too.  The trick is to make sure that you are using the right products that are compatible with your skin type  and the hot summer weather.  All of the tips and products that I mention here, will help you approach your skin care routine in the proper manner.

First Tip For Summer Skin Care-Keep Your Skin Clean

During the summer months your body produces much more sweat than the other months.  Sweat carries lots of salt which can be harmful for the skin.  When you mix heat, salt and sweat together you are heading down the road of an acne breakout.  That is why it is important to wash your face daily.  This should be done at least once per day so that your pores don’t become clogged.  From my personal experience washing my face daily during the hot summer months helps me keep acne from showing up on my skin.

Invest In African Black Soap

This soap is awesome!  I normally use pure African black soap when I wash my face.  I love how it does not strip the natural oils from my face, but gets it clean enough to remove build-up that has formed on my skin throughout the day. Be careful to not purchase a knock off as there are so many different African black soaps on the market. Black soap is not black, it is usually a tan or dark brown in color. It also dissolves quickly and does not have a distinct square shape like most store bought soaps. Try it out, it may work well for you too.

No Make-Up

I know that you are probably giving me the side eye right now but this tip for your summer skin care is important.  The hot humid summer months is no time to have cakey make-up glued to your face.  Sure it looks good but it isn’t doing anything helpful for your skin.  For starters, during the summer your foundation is likely to become sticky and as you sweat it starts to slide off of your face.  Besides, did you know that make-up suffocates and clogs the pores on your skin?  Your skin needs fresh air to thrive and be healthy. Summer is the best time to sport a “fresh face” and improve your complexion.  After all, skin loves natural sunlight.

Add Vitamin C And E To Your Summer Skin Care

Both vitamins c and e are an absolute must if you desire to have flawless jaw dropping skin, that you can flaunt during the hotter months.  They are great for combating acne and dark spots on the skin. When adding these vitamins to your summer skin care you can expect to have an even skin tone, brighter, smooth and supple skin.  Also, vitamin c protects the skin from the elements such free radicals and damage from the hot sun rays.  Vitamin e also shields your skin from unwanted damage.  The soothing and moisturizing properties that it offers is just an added bonus.

Drink Water

Here’s the scoop on water-it cleanses! A natural cleanser produced by mother nature that is great for your body. It’s even better when you are looking to achieve youthful and healthy looking skin.  Having no water in your summer skin care is a surefire way to completely destroy your skin.  No matter how many creams and skin care products you use, they won’t help if you are not drinking enough water.  Water helps to cleanse your body and gets rid of toxins that cause acne.  Water also helps to keep the skin moisturized.  Moisturized skin produces sebum (natural body oil) which keeps the skin healthy.  Try to get it about 8 glasses per day, it truly helps.

Use Shea Butter For SPF And Moisture

In the summer we spend lots of time in the sun, and your skin has to be properly moisturized and protected to avoid becoming dried out from the sun.  Did you know that shea butter can be used as a natural sunscreen? Depending on the amount of melanin your skin has will determine how often and how much you would need to apply the shea butter for protection.  The lighter your complexion is the more protection you will need from the sun.  Generally speaking, those with eumelanin don’t need as much protection as someone with pheomelanin.  Be sure not to use too much on your face as you don’t want to clog your pores.  Go lighter on your face with the shea butter and a bit heavier on other parts of your body.

Don't Over Exfoliate

Exfoliating makes the skin look and feel like a million bucks.  The smooth and freshness your skin has after exfoliating is amazing to say the least.  Because it is so amazing, it is easy to over exfoliate.  In melanin rich skin this can have some negative effects.  Discoloration is very possible when exfoliating is done excessively.  Exfoliating about 2-3 times per week should suffice.  Everyday may be a bit too much for your skin.  Besides, you don’t want to reverse all of the hard work you have put in thus far to get your skin glowing and healthy.

No Hot Showers

Too much heat can cause dehydration and we know what happens when the skin becomes dehydrated, dry skin happens shortly after.  Throughout the summer we are already battling the heat and trying to stay moisturized from the inside out.  So it is best to stay away from hot showers.  They feel great on the skin after a long day but they wreak havoc on your skin in the summer.  

Opt For Lukewarm/Warm Water

Lukewarm/warm water is best for your skin during this time.  It is too much for your skin to battle with the heat outside and the heat from your showers.  Heat pulls moisture from the skin which leads to less elasticity, premature aging and dryness.  Dead skin cells mixed with heat and oil is a big no.  So, be sure to stay away from the heat.  You can crank up the heat again as fall and winter approaches.