The Best Hair Oil For Itchy Braids

the best hair oil for itchy braids

The Best Hair Oil For Itchy Braids

Now that summer is approaching, many of us brown skin girls will be opting for braid styles.  They make our lives easier and you don’t have to worry about your hair being sweated  out by the heat and constantly having to wash it.  Braids are a great option for protective styling especially for naturals.  If installed correctly and taken care of properly they can help your hair grow and maintain length that you have already gained.  While these are all great perks to rocking braids, if you have ever worn braids with added extension hair, you know how itchy they can be.  To combat the itching it is all about using the best hair hair oil for itchy braids.

What Is The Best Hair Oil For Braids?

I’d first like to say that the key to getting the best hair oil for braids is to make sure that the ingredients are organic and natural.  This will be the difference in the product working and doing what it says its suppose to do, versus not.  Some hair oils that are anti-itch and promote growth are filled with cheap ingredients such as soybean oil and petroleum.  Both of these are cheap and terrible for the hair and will make your itchy scalp worst and clog the pores.  Our hair oil does not contain any unnatural ingredients and helps with itching.  It contains flaxseed, jamaican black castor oil, coconut, olive, tea tree, lavender, rosemary and peppermint oils.  

What Causes The Itching?

The oils mentioned above are the best hair oils for itchy braids because they help to stop that horrible itch that is caused by synthetic hair, dirt and build-up.  Synthetic hair is cleaned with chemicals before it is packaged and shipped out to ensure that there are no germs lingering.  Some people are very sensitive to these chemicals and the itching sometimes becomes unbearable.  You need a product that will keep your scalp moisturized to keep from drying out.

The Best Hair Oil Removes Odor

Yes! Our hair oil removes odor.  The wonderful essential oils that are found in our formula are heaven sent.  It gives the hair a delightful scent without overpowering.   I know you know exactly what I am talking about when I say odor.  If you have ever worn a protective style that requires you to add synthetic hair, than I am sure you are very familiar with terrible odor that can build up on your scalp while wearing your style.  This happens especially during the summer months as your scalp sweats and creates more oils than usual.  The odor that you smell is coming from bacteria that is sitting on top of the scalp.  Our follicle awakening hair oil is infused with several essentail oils that are great at removing odors and repairing the scalp that may be damaged from scratching.

Organic/Natural Oils That Stop Itching

What I love so much about oils from mother nature is that they do their job and do not cause any adverse affects to the skin unless you are allergic.  Some oils that stop itching are coconut oil, peppermint oil and tea tree oil.  These oils are great because they moisturize, are anti-bacterial and anti-microbial.  They are known to effectively remove and kill bacteria that causes dandruff and itchiness on the scalp.  They key is to remove the bacteria that causes the itching.  What I love about these oils is that they give the scalp a nice cleansing, refreshing feeling.  But you must be sure that the oils are all natural and organic.  If they contain any additional ingredients or fillers they will not work as effectively as they should.

How Often To Use Them

This will all depend on how bad the odor and itching is on your scalp.  I would say about once per day should suffice.  When I wear my protective styles like box braids or cornrows I apply the best hair oil for braids every morning.  This way, my scalp has time to soak up all of the oils throughout the day and start the process of removing the bacteria and build-up.  Once the oil soaks into my scalp my head fells so much better.  I am not patting my head all day long, because my scalp feels like I have little creepy crawlers trying to escape from my hair follicles.  Also, my scalp is much healthier because I am not damaging the skin scratching all day.

Hair Oils Are Important When Wearing Braids

When you are protective styling with added hair, I recommend that you always keep a quality hair/braid oil on hand.  It helps to keep your hair and scalp healthy while being tucked away under extensions.  You want to be sure that you are still taking proper care of your hair while protective styling because you could possibly cause damage if you don’t.  Applying the best oils for itchy scalp will also help your style to last longer while giving your hair what it needs to stay itch and odor free.