Shea Butter Natural Makeup Remover

Shea butter natural makeup remover

Shea Butter Natural Makeup Remover

This one here is for all of you makeup lovers, that wear makeup often but hate to use commercial makeup removers.  I understand your concern and frustration because commercial makeup removers are horrible.  They dry out your skin, stripping it of all of its natural oils, which eventually causes irritation and damaged skin.  The good news is there are alternatives that actually work. They help to heal, strengthen and nourish your skin while removing your makeup. Did you know that you can use shea butter as a natural makeup remover. Find out why you should be using shea butter to remove your makeup.

Why Shea Butter To Remove Your Makeup

Well, one thing we know for certain is that consistently wearing makeup can be very damaging to the skin.  Dermatologist have stated that makeup is the main cause of skin problems and acne for over 30% percent of women.  Do you know why this is true?  Because it smothers, clogs pores and does not allow for the skin to breathe.  With that being said you don’t want to add any more damage by using makeup removers containing harsh chemicals.  Shea butter is natural, good for the skin and it is effective.

Shea Butter Is Effective As A Natural Makeup Remover

Shea butter is effective and a great option to remove makeup because it contains a large amount of oleic acid.  Oleic acid is a fatty acid that moisturizes and heals, which leaves the skin glowing, more elastic and smooth.  It is also effective because it is easy to apply and remove from the skin.  Shea butter deep conditions the skin (which is much needed after removing makeup).  You’d also be happy to know that it does a wonderful job at removing dark circles around the eyes.  You’ll know longer have to use makeup to hide it.  

The Results

Once you begin using raw shea butter as a natural makeup remover you’ll start seeing results after a few weeks.  In addition, your confidence level and skin health will go through the roof.  You’ll know longer have the desire to wear makeup on a consistent basis.

How To Use It

Shea butter really is a miracle product and there are a couple of ways you can use it to remove makeup.  One way is to melt down the shea butter into an oil.  Once it is melted down you can put it on a cotton ball and apply it to your skin.  If this does not work for you, you can just apply the shea butter in a whipped state for easy application until the makeup is removed.  For an additional boost of moisture and conditioning you can wash your face with a natural soap such as African black soap.  Next, you can reapply a new coat of shea butter to your face for extra conditioning.  Try it, your skin will thank you.