How To Make Your Own Natural Lip Balm

How to make your own natural lip balm

How To Make Your Own Natural Lip Balm

Growing up as young children, most of us were taught by our parents to make sure that before walking out of the house you look presentable.  That included washing your face, moisturizing your skin and making sure that your lips were always smooth and as moisturized as possible.  As a child I would nearly use the entire jar of petroleum jelly just to make sure that my lips looked moisturized and presentable.  Which honestly petroleum never really worked that well for me.  Here I’ll be sharing with you a DIY natural lip balm recipe.  It’s the recipe we use at Butta Babee to create our all natural/organic lip balm that our customers love.

Why Create Your Own Natural Lip Balm

When you make your own products at home, you get to control what’s in it.  Which means that it will probably be healthier for you and contain the best ingredients.

Natural Compared To Man Made

As I mentioned earlier as a child using a store bought product containing petroleum and mineral oil, I would always have to reapply it every 20-30 minutes.  As I grew older and gained more knowledge, I learned that petroleum does not moisturize but it actually dries out the skin and locks moisture out.  If you’ve ever used a natural lip balm, you know that it does everything besides locking moisture out.  What you’ll be happy to know is you can make your own natural lip balm, so that you can always have some on hand when you need it.

How To Make Your Own Natural Lip Balm Ingredients

This is the exact recipe that we use.  If you want to make smaller batches you’ll have to play around with measurements and ratios. Ingredients needed for this recipe:

– 1 oz. Organic Beeswax

– 2 oz. Grapeseed Oil

– 1 drop of Seabuckthorn berry oil per container

– 1oz. Castor oil

– 80 drops of an essential oil that smells great, is antibacterial/anti-fungal.

– .25 ounce containers


1. Using a double boiler begin to melt down your sky organics beeswax

2. Once the beeswax is completely melted start adding in the grapeseedseabuckthorn, castor  and essential oils.

3. This step is crucial! Stir all ingredients together and pour them into the containers as quickly as possible.  This step should be done in a timely fashion because the beeswax will start to solidify almost immediately.  You notice this happening as you pour all of the ingredients into the containers.  If needed, you can reheat any ingredients that has solidified.

Restores And Heals Your Lips

This DIY natural lip balm recipe will work wonders, restore and heals the skin on your lips.  One reason it works so well is because it has no man made ingredients such as petroleum and mineral oil that further dry out the skin.  This recipe contains ingredients that are natural, organic and feed your dry chapped lips.  It has a high content of vitamin e which really helps to keep the lips moisturized for long periods of time while repairing.