What Is Beeswax

What is beeswax

What Is Beeswax?

I won’t go into detail using scientific terms about what beeswax really is.  So to explain and keep it simple for your understanding, beeswax is a natural wax that is produced by the genus apis.  Now, I know this term may sound a bit foreign to you but it is just the Latin term for “honey bee”.  But what is beeswax?  

How Is Beeswax Made

The beeswax is extracted by the female bee from the glands of their abdomens.  The wax is created by the younger bees when they are between the ages of 12 and 5 days old. They get the job done and they are much more efficient at producing and they have a lifespan of four weeks. The wax that is extracted is called a beeswax scale.  The scales are created in thin sheets that are clear, brittle, tasteless and colorless.  * Fun Fact : six to eight pounds of honey are ingested to produce one pound of wax*

Carefully Produced

The wax is carefully produced,it is very small in size and transparent.  After being chewed by the bee’s the wax turns into a white color.  It then has a smooth and soft texture and the bees use it to create the honey comb.  The beeswax is maintained by how well the bees retain their body temperature.  It is important that the temperature of the hive is ideal which is not too hot or too cold.  The reason this is because high temperatures soften the wax and low temperatures produce hard wax.  

Temperature And Time Of Year

Before the wax is extracted the hives temperature must be at 97 degrees.  The wax production time is during the months of April through June. This is because the female bees lay a large number of eggs to keep the hives strong to be able to produce efficiently.

Results After Production

The wax is naturally white depending on how thick the scales are.  Did you know that the age of the worker bee will determine how the thick the wax will be?  It has been found that both the younger and older bees usually have the thinnest scales.

It Is Used For Healing

Beeswax has several uses especially in the cosmetic industry.  It is most commonly used for lip balm, candles, hair care products.  It is also used for the skin to heal and treat diaper rashes, hemmoroids, fungal infections, mouth ulcers, itching skin and burns.

Used In Cosmetics

Beeswax is safe to use in cosmetics.  It is one of the reasons we use it as a base for our lemon, and peppermint lip elixirs.  It does a wonderful job at moisturizing when it is applied directly to the lips.  We use white beeswax in our formula because it goes through a natural process to be filtered which is known as pressure filtration.  Which also gives it the white ivory color.  White beeswax is not refined versus the yellow color wax that is.