How To Wash Natural Hair

How To Wash Natural Hair

How To Wash Natural Hair

If you’ve been a natural hair vet for some time now, you are no stranger to how  difficult it could be to manage natural hair (that includes washing it).  If you are new to the natural hair community, you are here because you are looking for answers on how to wash your natural hair.  I will be completely honest, washing natural hair is the total opposite of washing relaxed hair.  It takes much needed patience, a significant amount of time set aside for your wash day and a dope routine.  As I mentioned earlier, it is not easy but when you have the knowledge, tools and experience it will make things much easier for you.  Here are some tips on how to wash natural hair that will help you achieve a stress free wash day.

Tips To Wash Natural Hair

First I want to say that everyone’s hair is different so the style of washing greatly depends on your hair texture and how your hair behaves when it is wet.  The tips that I am going to share will probably be most helpful to those who have 4 type hair (the kinkiest texture).  With that being said if these steps work for naturals with 4 type hair I am sure they will work for those with a looser curl pattern such as type 3 hair.

1st Tip To Wash Natural Hair

Choose the right shampoo for your hair type.  For natural hair, it is always best to go with a shampoo that is sulfate free, like ORS. Why? because shampoos that contain harmful ingredients such as sulfates dry out the hair which causes breakage down the road.  This is for certain one ingredient to avoid in your hair care products.  Instead purchase shampoo that are sulfate free and hydrating for your strands.  These products are much healthier for the hair and will help to make the hair soft and manageable for your wash day.  After washing your hair it should not feel stripped of oils or dryed out.  Clean, soft and hydrated is what you want especially for natural hair.

Section Your Hair

When washing your natural hair always start by putting your hair in 4 sections.  Washing your hair in sections will make it much easier to manuever through your hair without creating more tangles.  You should have 2 sections in the front and 2 in the back.  Seperate them with plastic butterfly clamps and work section by section.  After you wash each section secure them with again with your clamps.

Use A Rinse Out Conditioner

Whatever conditioner you choose to use be sure that it has lots of slip.  The same way you have applied the shampoo is the same way you should apply the rinse out conditioner; in sections.  From my personal experience with 4c hair rinsing with warm water is best to avoid tangles.  Kinky hair can get tangles during the washing process so you want something that will smooth out the hair strands and allow you to detangle after all of the conditioner is applied.  Which leads me to my next tip.


While you are applying your rinse out conditioner be sure to detangle too! But, make sure you are using a wide tooth comb only.  A wide tooth comb will help you to work and distribute the product evenly through your hair.  Also, you will have much less breakage when using a wide tooth comb.  Be sure that you are combing your hair gently, less tension equals less breakage.

Rinse Out And Apply A Deep Conditioner

Once you have rinsed out the conditioner, now it is time to apply your deep conditioner.  Your hair should be detangled now so applying the deep conditioner should be a breeze.  After the deep conditioner is on cover your hair with a plastic cap, sit under a heated hooded dryer for 30 minutes then rinse again in sections.

Apply A Leave In Conditioner

Before styling your hair apply a moisturizing leave in conditioner.  It is important that you work it through and coat all of the hair strands so that they can be protected and treated for your new style.  Your hair will be nicely moisturized and strengthened.

Seal In The Moisture With An Oil Or Butter

In order to keep your hair moisturized and hydrated after all of your hard work, you need to take steps to retain the moisture in your hair.  Natural oils such as jojoba, castor, olive and grapeseed are just a few that are really good at sealing in moisture and protecting the hair.  In fact our Follicle Awakening Hair Oil is a great option for this as well as our shea butter blend.  Shea and cocoa butters also work well at sealing in moisture, strengthening strands and growing hair.

Time And Patience When Washing Natural Hair

I know that these steps and tips are a bit time consuming but they are worth it.  Taking the time while washing your hair will allow you to retain length and grow your hair longer.  Try to set some time aside to wash and give your hair the proper care that it needs to thrive.  Remember when the hair is cleaned properly, you create an environment on your scalp that can grow healthy hair.