Ingredients In Skin Care Products To Avoid

Ingredients In Skin Care Products To Avoid

How bad is it really?

We all have shopped for hair and skin care products at some point in our lives.  Before natural hair and natural skin care products became popular companies were throwing all types of ingredients together just to have a product to sell.  If you have ever looked at the back of a lotion or shampoo bottle the long 20 plus letter words are baffling.  It’s important understand what ingredients in skin care products to avoid. They are unsafe and detrimental to your health.  We make assumptions that they are safe to use but in reality how much do we know about these products that we use?  

That is why at Butta Babee we pride ourselves on giving the masses the best of the best.  Life is about experiencing the best and there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to.  By the way, did you know that more than 12,000 chemicals are approved for companies to use in their hair and skin care products.  It’s no doubt that you should be aware of  Ingredients in skin care products to avoid.

Health Issues On The Rise

Researchers have warned over the years that these chemicals are unsafe.  Several diseases are on the rise and women are in the lead of these diseases.  It is unfortunate because it has been found that the average american woman uses about 12 products per day.  Which means that it is a total of 200 chemicals she is consuming and could be seriously affecting her health.  There was another study which showed that many women use an average of about 16 products daily for their skin care routine.  Crazy right?! Women who use natural skin care products are less likely to be diagnosed with a disease.

Chemicals And Disease

When you know what chemicals are used to produce some of these products, it would all make sense as to why there is an increase of women in the U.S who are becoming more and more sick everyday.  Cancerinfertilityallergies and a host of other sicknesses are at an all time high.  This is the culprit! Generally speaking, cancer in the U.S has declined.  At the very same time there are certain types of cancers that we can’t seem to shake.  Skinliver and thyroid cancer is just to name a few.  The diagnosis of cancer in men have decreased. For women it is a completely different story.  The numbers have remained the same for women since 2008.

What Ingredients In Skin Care Products To Avoid?

Chemicals like formaldehyde is commonly found in keratin hair treatmentsskin care products and nail polish.  Not to mention coal tar is another chemical found in hair dye’s and shampoo.  Heavy metals, parabensphthalates are also a top concern in the beauty industry.  These chemicals are so detrimental in other countries they have been banned.  Over 40 countries have banned the use of these harmful ingredients vs. 9 states in the U.S. How ironic is that?  The country that charges astronomical amounts of money for health insurance won’t make it a priority to ban chemicals that cause serious sickness and eventually death.  


Parabens. They are chemicals preservatives that are present in skin and hair care products.  They are commonly used in moisturizers, shampoos and several others.  If you are using beauty products with this ingredient, STOP!  Excessive exposure to parabens will lead to breast cancer.


Sulfates are one of the more popular ingredients and you may know what it is just by hearing the name. They are used heavily in African American hair and skin care products. Furthermore, it’s the reason we see foaming as we wash our hair and clothes.


Thirdly, there’s fragrance.  Yes, I understand that you will say “but i love the way fragrances makes things smell”.  Here is the good news. You don’t need to use artificial ingredients to get the scent that you love.  There are other alternatives such as essential oils.  They are much more safe than unknown toxic chemicals that are deadly and harmful.  You don’t want this to leave any negative effects on your skin and health.


I know that this one can get a bit confusing. Why? because not all alcohols are created equally.  There are good and bad alcohols.  The alcohols you should stay away from in your skin care routine are propanol, sd alcohol, benzyl alcoholisopropyl alcohol and methanol.  Firstly, “bad” alcohols are known to dry out the hair and skin terribly.  They damage the skin and it increases the risk of bacteria that causes acne and you will make inflammation worse.

Final Thoughts

I hope that this information has been helpful to you.  You should really take the time to research the  ingredients in skin care products to avoid before making any skin care purchases.  If your routine consist of these chemicals it is best that you make the change now to  natural skin care products.  You are worth it and your health depends on it.  With the amount of healthier alternatives that we have today, you don’t have to suscept yourself to poor health.  We know better, so let’s do better!