How To Take Care Of 4C Hair

how to take care of 4c hair

How To Take Care Of 4C Hair

4C hair has a special texture and it has to be cared for in this manner.  It is the kinkiest textures of them all and must be taken care of consistently. At first as you are learning to take care of your 4c hair it can feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel and become frustrating for you.  The key to taking care of 4c hair is using the right products and techniques that work best for your hair.  In this post, I’ll give you some tips on how to take care of your 4c hair.

First Tip To Take Care Of 4C Hair

Always make sure that you are washing your hair with a sulfate free shampoo like this Mielles Pomegranate and Honey.  This is one of the most important tips because shampoos that contain sulfates (sodium lauryl sulfate) are very harsh and drying on the hair, especially 4c hair.  4c hair already has the tendency to be dry.  So of course you wouldn’t want to add fuel to the fire.  When you incorporate a sulfate free shampoo into your hair care regimen, you will almost instantly see a difference compared to a shampoo that contains sulfates.  A sulfate free shampoo leaves your hair feeling soft and ironically moisturized.

Use Butters And Oils For Your Hair

Taking care of 4c hair isnt as simple as wetting it with water, adding some oil and throwing it in a ponytail.  For it to really thrive, your hair needs moisture and nutrients.  Natural butters and oils after this.  Shea and cocoa butters are great for adding some of the most essential vitamins to the hair.  The same thing goes for  natural oils such as our follicle awakening hair oil, olive, coconut, jojoba etc.  They all do a wonderful job at locking moisture in the hair.  Which is why they are the perfect options when doing the loc method.  They also help to keep the hair soft, help to retain moisture and keep it manageable.

Keep It Moisturized

Because 4c hair gets dry you have to be sure that your hair maintains moisture.  Moisture consist of any product that is water-based.  This can be pure water, leave in conditioner or a daily misting spray. Shea Moistures Curl Enhancing Smoothie is great at keeping my 4c hair moisturized. Water/moisture/hydration is your hair’s best friend.  It is what will help your hair to retain it’s elasticity meaning that it won’t break off as often, resulting in hair that will grow longer and stronger.

Deep Condition Regularly

Deep conditioning allows for all of the goodness and nutrients to deeply penetrate each hair strand, giving maximum strength.  Deep conditioning your 4c hair should be done at least once per week to once every 2 weeks.  I deep condition every time I wash my hair with Shea Moisture Manuka Honey Mask which is every two weeks, it makes my hair is sooo soft!  After deep conditioning you will instantly feel the difference in the quality of your hair.  Always deep condition your 4c hair with heat for about 30 minutes.  A heated hood dryer will work for this step.

Use Wide Tooth Combs Only

Stay away from small tooth combs.  They are no good for tightly coiled 4c hair.  Wide tooth combs make it easier for the hair to glide through the combs teeth without getting snagged.  Small tooth combs put tension on the hair resulting in breakage and thinning hair.  In addition, only comb your hair while it is wet.  Never try to detangle dry hair, you are asking for trouble if you do this.

Wash Your Hair In Sections

It is most ideal to wash your hair in 4 sections. Before you begin your wash, separate your hair using these butterfly clamps.  This gives you more control of your hair and you’ll keep tangles to a minimum.   It is never a good idea to pile all of your hair on top to wash.  Yes, it is much quicker but we want to retain as much hair as possible when washing.  Kinky textured hair can tangle easily when it is all bunched together.  Keeping the hair separated in sections during your wash day will not only be easier and less stressful for you, but also saves your hair from breakage and damage.

Incorporate Styles That Work

I cannot stress this enough! 4c hair is very unique.  Don’t try to make it do things that it doesn’t do on its own naturally.  What I mean by this is, stop with the constant flat ironing, gels, tight ponytails, etc.  You get where I am going with this.  Do styles that are healthy and gentle on the hair.  Twist outs, braid outs, bantu knots/knot outs and two strand twist are just a few styles that work.  These types of styles offer very minimal tension on your edges and scalp.  When dealing with 4c hair, the less you touch and manipulate it, the better.  4c hair can grow, its all about the tlc you give it to grow beautifully and strong.