How To Make Donut Body Soap

how to make donut body soap

How To Make Donut Body Soap

Donuts! They are sinfully good.  For some of us just looking at a donut results in gaining 5-10 pounds.  I am here to reassure you that there are donuts that exist that won’t cause you to gain any weight at all!  What kind of donut that is you ask? Donut body soap!  It smells and looks delicious, giving your body and nice treat during bathtime.  Our donut soap looks so realistic and good enough to eat.  In this post, i’ll be sharing with you how to make donut body soap.  It is a unique gift to someone who loves sweets.

How To Make Donut Body Soap Step #1:

Before you do anything you will need to purchase a soap base.  There are several companies that sell quality melt and pour soap bases so you’ll have to do some research.  I suggest that when purchasing a soap base to make your donut body soap, make sure that shea or cocoa butter is listed in the ingredients.  These butters will give you the extra moisture that will help to heal and protect the skin.  I also want to add that when you purchase your soap make sure that it is opaque instead of clear.  Opaque is going to be the best option because it makes the soap look more realistic and catches the eye.

Additional Ingredients To Make Your Donut Body Soap

Secondly, you will need donut molds.  Here at Butta Babee we like to use silicon donut molds.  I think these are the best option because they are soft and flexible.  The silicon will make it easier for you to make your soap in comparison to plastic molds.  Next, you will need coloring.  For the coloring I recommend you use mica powder.  It is safe on the skin and there are so many color options avaliable.  The fourth ingredient you will need is an essential oil or fragrance oil.  In our donut soap we use essential oils because they are natural and won’t cause any adverse affects on the skin. Fragrance oils are synthetic and can cause sensitivity and skin rashes.  Lastly, you will need sprinkles.  Sprinkles are going to bring your donut body soap to life.

Heating The Soap

Now that you have all of your ingredients and tools together you are ready to make this awesome donut body soap.  Start by cutting the soap base into small chunks (the size of an ice cube) and add them to a microwaveable bowl.  Heat the soap in 10-15 second bursts so that it does not burn. If the soap is burnt it will become goopy and unusable.  Stir the soap as it is being melted.  Once the soap is completely melted and in liquid form, remove it from the microwave.  You can also melt the soap in a double boiler on the stove.  Again, be careful not to over heat the soap to avoid burning.

Add Your Coloring

For this step you should first seperate your melted soap.  Take half of your soap and put in a seperate counter.  This way you can color one batch for your soaps frosting and the other batch for the donut soap base color.  Depending on what color you would like your frosting will determine how much color you need to add to the frosting batch.  For example, we use pink for our frosting and add little by little of the mica powder as we go.  For the donut base you can use a tan/golden color.

Essential Oils Or Fragrance

At this point you need to add scent to make the soap smell great.  As I have mentioned earlier in the post, we only use natural items for fragrancing our products.  Essential oils are our go to because they are safer than fragrance oils and contain no synthetic ingredients or chemicals.  For some, fragrance oils are more ideal because they are more cost effective.  It is all up to you.  Get creative with scents, there are endless options such as lavender, peppermint, cinnamon, ice cream scents and so much more!

Pour The Soap Base

So you have added your scent of choice and now you need to add the melted base to the silicon donut mold.  Make sure that your mold is on a leveled flat surface.  If not, the soap will lean to one side in the mold, giving you a lop sided shape donut.  We don’t want that as we want the donut to look as realistic as possible.  Once you have added the soap base to the molds, it is time to spray it with alcohol to get rid of any air bubbles.  A light mist should suffice, don’t over do it.

Let It Sit And Set

This is a very important step.  Before you remove the soap from the base you must be sure that it is completely dry.  Removing the soap too early will damage the shape of the donut.  It may take a few hours before it is dry 100%.  To be on the safe side it is best to let it dry overnight.

Dip Your Donuts

The donuts are now dry and you have removed them from the molds.  Now you can dip your donuts in the batch for frosting.  The more they are dipped the brighter the frosting will look.  Immediately after they are dipped add your sprinkles.  This step has to be done right away to ensure that the sprinkles will stick to the soap.  Finally, you’re done!  You have a scrumptious looking donut body treat.  Your family will look forward to taking a bath.

Final Thoughts

You have learned how to make donut body soap that can be used as a gift, birthday party and baby shower favors. It’s something your guests will surely rave about.  Enjoy! and don’t get tempted to take a bite.