How To Get Soft Feet With Shea Butter

How to get soft feet with shea butter

How To Get Soft Feet With Shea Butter

Have you ever found yourself in bed with dry cracky feet that feels like sandpaper.  The soles of your feet deserve to be loved and cared for just as the rest of your body.  After all, your feet are made for walking so they should be cared for as such.  Feet become hard and rough when they are not taken care of properly and lack moisture.  To keep your feet soft, they have to be moisturized properly and consistently.  This is especially true during the summer when your feet are exposed more often to the elements.  So, if you want to learn more about how to get soft feet with shea butter, keep on reading.

How To Get Soft Feet With Shea Butter: Step #1

Start by making sure that you soak your feet.  You should soak them for about 20-30 minutes.  Now this won’t be your ordinary soap and water soak.  The recipe that I am going to share with you is a super moisturizing foot soak.  After this soak you’ll have smooth, soft feet that you’ll love to flaunt in your summer footwear.  This moisturizing foot soak consist of 1 cup of honey, 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder, 1 cup of coconut milk.  

Adding The Ingredients

You should start by adding the honey and coconut milk to a bowl.  Sit the bowl inside a pot of boiling water.  Once the honey and coconut oil has dissolved add it to your tub of water. Also, if you like, you can add an essential oil such as peppermint for an additional cooling effect. Thirdly, add your cinnamon.  If possible, use organic ingredients to get the best result possible.

Get Soft Feet With Shea Butter: Step #2

Always use a pumice stone.  A pumice stone is designed to remove dry dead skin.  Be careful when you are using the pumice stone, you don’t want to scrub too hard and remove too much skin.  Removing too much skin will cause your feet to be exposed, making it more likely for you to contract an infection.

Third Step - Adding Shea Butter

Now that your feet are soft and smooth as a babies bottom, you can add some organic whipped shea butter to them.  Our whipped shea butter is rich, creamy and can be be applied to the skin with little effort.  Shea Butter does well at moisturizing because of the high fatty acid content.  It also absorbs into the skin quickly, restoring moisture.

Fourth Step

To lock the moisture in on your feet, you have to keep them sealed.  To retain the moisture in your feet that you have just replenished, at night your feet should be kept wrapped.  After applying the shea butter to your feet, put on thick socks before heading to bed.  If you really want to turn it up a notch before putting on your socks add some saran wrap to trap the heat even more.  By morning, you’ll have the most attractive feet anyone has ever seen.  This process can be done every night if you wish.  Remember, moisturized feet are healthy feet.