Hand Sanitizer Recipe

Hand Sanitizer Recipe

Hand Sanitizer Recipe

With all of the chaos going on today with the coronavirus everyone is taking extra precautions to avoid becoming sick.  Handwashing, face masks and social distancing are just a few things that people are practicing.  We understand that in order to keep ourselves safe from contracting any disease the best practice is to keep your hands clean.  Sometimes it isn’t always possible to wash your hands because you may be out and about and no where near a sink or bathroom.  In this case, hand sanitizer will save your life.  Here we will share a DIY hand sanitizer recipe that you can carry with you while you are on the go.

DIY Hand Sanitizer Recipe

The most important thing to remember when you are creating your hand sanitizer is to make sure that it is alcohol based.  The alcohol solution should be strong enough to kill off the germs on your hands.  So, I recommend that you purchase an alcohol solution that contains at least 70% of alcohol to be on the safe side.  It’s all about the potency, if it is watered down you won’t get the benefits you are looking for.  Secondly, you will need aloe vera gel.  You can either purchase the aloe plant and extract the gel or purchase the gel itself.  Lastly, you will need an essential oil.  Choose an oil that is antibacterial and kills germs such as tea tree oil, lemon, clove, sage and several others.

Putting The Ingredients Together

The trick to making an effective DIY hand sanitizer recipe is to make sure that your proportions and ratios make sense.  Your alcohol to aloe vera ratio should be 2:1.  You will need 3/4 cups of rubbing alcohol, 1/4 cups of aloe vera gel and 10-15 drops of an essential oil of your choice that helps to kill bacteria.  Next, put all of your ingredients in a bowl and mix everything together until it turns into a gel like consistency.  Third, you add the ingredients into a bottle by using a funnel or a container with a pour spout so that you don’t waste any.

Take Precautions

It is a great feeling knowing that you can make your own at home.  You can monitor what ingredients goes into the formula but, you also have to make sure that you don’t contaminate the mixture before you put it to use.  Before you start to make your hand sanitizer recipe be sure to clean your work area, wash your hands before you begin, use clean utensils, be sure that the alcohol is not diluted, don’t touch the mixture with your hands but use gloves instead.

Why These Ingredients

Rubbing Alcohol, aloe vera gel and essential oils are the best ingredients to use in your DIY hand sanitizer recipe because they are natural and help to protect you from germs without the use of synthetic ingredients.  But do you understand what each ingredient does?  Take a look below at each ingredient and why they play such an important role in your hand sanitizer recipe.

Isopropyl Alcohol

Isopropyl Alcohol is very effective at killing germs.  Your hand sanitizer is nothing without alcohol.  The reason we use hand sanitizer is to kill the germs right? Of course!  It’s the reason why doctor’s, laboratories, restaurants and hospitals use it.  It actually works! When alcohol is applied to the skin it damages the organisms cell walls.  The walls than burst and dissolve instantly.  When this happens bacteria is washed away.

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera is an awesome addition to your DIY hand sanitizer recipe.  The reason being because it moisturizes your skin.  Alcohol cleans but at the same time it can also dry out the skin.  Aloe vera gel is a natural treatment to heal dry skin, itching, fights off bacteria, provides a protective barrier which helps to keep the moisture locked in.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are oils that are extracted from plants and are very potent.  It’s no surprise they do such a great job when added to a hand sanitizer recipe.  Those antibacterial essential oils prevent millions of infections caused by germs.  There is a lot that goes into making an essential oil of quality.  Such as distillation, ensuring the quality of the plant, pressure and temperature.  They are amazing germ busters!

Sanitize Than Moisturize

You’ve been keeping your hands clean all day but they maybe dried out from the constant application of sanitizer.  You want to avoid your hands from becoming dry because dry hands can lead to cracked hands.  Cracked hands are more likely to contract more disease and germs.  Shea butter does a great job at keeping your hands moisturized.  It’s all natural and also helps in healing.  Don’t forget to pick yours up here to protect your hands from the elements.