Cocoa Butter Vitamins And Using It For Skin

Cocoa Butter Vitamins And Using It for Skin

Why Vitamin K Is Essential

If you are deficient in vitamin k your skin will show it.  What’s a natural skin care product without one of the most important vitamins? Vitamin k is necessary especially if you are using cocoa butter for skin.  Natural skin care products that contain vitamin k are designed to strengthen the skin on so many levels.  It has been shown to minimize scars, fade stretch marks and reduce the look of spider veins.  For sure a go to ingredient if you are looking to achieve youthful looking healthy skin.  In my opinion, cocoa butter is one of the few natural skin care products that work and feeds the skin with the nutrients it needs.  So lets touch on cocoa butter vitamins and using it for skin.

It Helps To Heal

Vitamin K can be thought of as the “vitamin for skin recovery”.  It makes perfect sense that one would want to use cocoa butter for skin care purposes because it does an amazing job at healing and recovering.  Now, vitamin k is not the only vitamin in cocoa butter, that makes it such an amazing natural skin care product.  We also have to give credit to vitamin e.  This vitamin is more popular than vitamin k but it still plays a large roll in why cocoa butter can effectively heal, restore and moisturize damaged and dry skin.  These two work together to aide in the healing process.  In fact, vitamin k is so effective it is prescribed by surgeons to help patients heal after they have had surgery.

Cocoa Butter Vitamins And Eczema

I am sure you’ve heard of cocoa butter being a great option for skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.  When it is applied topically wounds and scars heal much more quickly than if they were to heal on their own.  The cocoa butter vitamins has the ability to reduce the inflammation that comes with these types of skin conditions.  Redness and swelling is also a concern when talking about eczema and psoriasis.  This natural vitamin enables the skin to grow stronger, retain hydration for a longer period and strengthens the skins natural barrier function.  It’s a no brainer to incorporate this ingredient in your natural skin care routine.  Especially during the winter months when the skin is much more dry, itchy and flaky.

Whip It First

Firstly, if you ever decide to purchase raw cocoa butter you’ll have to do some work to break it down into smaller pieces and getting it soft enough to use.  Raw cocoa butter that has not been whipped to a softer consistency is almost impossible to use.  To use raw cocoa butter for the skin, I suggest that it is whipped first.  Using the product in its whipped state will allow for you to apply it easily over your entire body.  Whip it for about 20 minutes for a soft creamy consistency.  You can also add some type of natural oil such as vitamin e to give it more of a “kick” if you are feeling fancy.

Always Purchase Unrefined

So, what I love most about raw cocoa butter is the fact that it smells like chocolate.  So much so that manufactures choose not to use it.  What happens is, it masks the smell of the synthetic fragrances that is used in their products.  Because of this they may opt for the refined version that is unscented and does not offer the same benefits.  Once the product has been altered and gone through the refining phase, the awesome goodness in the cocoa butter will be limited.  Unrefined is always best to ensure that you will receive all of the great benefits this natural butter has to offer.

Treat Your Skin After A Shower

Once you have whipped your cocoa butter to a nice creamy texture be sure to apply it twice per day.  The best time to do so is in the morning and at night after you have taken a warm shower.  With your pores being open your skin will absorb all of the nutrients in the cocoa butter.  This will keep your skin moisturized much longer.  You can also use it on dry skin but applying it to moist skin is best.  The great thing is it will not leave your skin feeling too oily and you’ll also have a nice healthy glow.  Using this method consistently you should start to see a change and have healthier skin within at least 4 weeks time.