The Benefits Of Cocoa Butter For Hair And Skin

Cocoa Butter For Hair And Skin

Cocoa Butter For Hair And Skin

There are many benefits of Cocoa butter for hair and skin. There are several components that make up Cocoa Butter. They are Stearic acid, Oleic acids, Linoleic acid Palmitic acid. There is also  Palmitoleic acid, Vitamin K  ,Vitamin E   Phytosterols, Arachidic acid, and Alpha-linolenic acid.  Therefore, these components have amazing benefits or your hair and skin when used consistently

Acids Found In Cocoa

Firstly, oleic acids is also known as omega 9. They are known to maintain the softness and radiance of skin and hair. Also stimulates natural hair growth, thicker, longer and stronger hair.  Stearic acid is known to have amazing cleansing properties. In turn purge’s dirt, sweat and excess oil from the hair and skin. 

Palmitic Acid softens the hair without leaving a greasy or sticky residue.  Linoleic Acid(a.k.a omega 6/ vitamin f) also has its beneficial properties. It moisturizes and promotes natural hair growth. It soothes acne and reduces the chance of outbreaks.   In addition, helps with moisture retention in the skin and hair, combats premature aging, soothes healing of skin conditions like eczema and dermatitis

Palmitoleic Acid tightens the skin, boost the growth of healthy nails, prevents wrinkles.  Vitamin E repairs scars and blemishes on the skin. It prevents moisture loss from the skin and hair, relieves skin that has been burned, cleans pores and balances oil production. Vitamin K reduces swelling, bruising, and regenerates hair strands. Alpha-linolenic Acid (omega 3) can control blood clotting on the skin.  Finally, Phytosterols (stigmasterol) has skin lightening properties, softens dry brittle hair, and eases frizzy hair.

Absorbs Into The Skin

Secondly, one of the great things about Cocoa butter is that it actually absorbs into your skin.  Unlike many other synthetic brands that just “sit on top” of the skin, and you’ll never see any results. Most importantly, all natural / organic cocoa butter melts at body temperature, soothe’s skin and is able to get rid of scars and unwanted marks.  It enhances skin tone, elasticity and collagen production.  

Retains Moisture

In addition, when applied to the skin and hair, cocoa butter creates a protective barrier between the harsh weather and elements.  For this reason the skin will retain moisture and stops itching. As a result, the butter remains on the skin for hours and is easily absorbed.  It has also been said that cocoa butter has photo – protective properties that protects the skin from UV radiation.

Prevents Hair Loss

In summary, when Cocoa is used for hair it makes the strands more manageable and prevents hair loss.  Cocoa butter also helps to prevent ongoing damage by replenishing the natural oils that our scalp produces which is known as sebum. Cocoa butter combats itching and flaking.  So, for these dry scalp symptoms this butter can be used as a hot oil treatment. Above all, it promotes thickness, volume and strength.