Can You Put Coconut Oil On Your Hair

can you put coconut oil on your hair

Can You Put Coconut Oil On Your Hair

Coconut oil has countless benefits for the hair.  Over the years coconut oil  has become a staple in black hair care.  It offers a great amount of nourishing benefits for the hair.  It is an ingredient that most hair types love and can benefit from.  With the addition of it being natural and made by nature is one of the few reasons why you can put coconut oil on your hair.  The benefits that coconut oil offers the hair are endless.  Some of these benefits are that it is deeply moisturizing, contains fatty acids, and vitamin e.  Oh yeah, it smells wonderful too!  We will discuss a bit more about why this oil is so awesome for your hair.

You Can Put Coconut Oil On Your Hair, It's Safe!

Because coconut oil comes from nature it is completely safe to use and treat your hair with it….unless you have a nut allergy.  It is a natural hair treatment that does not contain any additional ingredients that can be harmful such as mineral oil or petroleum.  The oil works so well that it is used in hair and skin care products.  Shampoos, conditioners, lotions and body creams are some of the few cosmetics that include coconut oil.  The moisturizing properties are heaven sent and unmatched, that you almost can’t do without it.

How To Use It

I will explain how and the best way to use coconut oil in your hair to maximize the benefits.  As I always suggest, you should moisturize your hair first before adding coconut oil to it.  Coconut oil has the ability to somewhat moisturize the hair on its own but if your hair is extremely dry that will not work for you.  The oil can be used on your scalp or on your hair strands.  It does not have to be rinsed out.

A Little Goes A Long way

Be careful not to use too much, as you don’t want oily looking hair.  If you wish to obtain more moisture you can keep it in overnight and use it as a deep treatment.  Your hair will be well moisturized in the morning with this method.  Also, if you decide to do it as on overnight treatment, try warming the oil first before applying it to your scalp and hair.  I promise you, this is so soothing.

Use It For Shine

Everyone loves shine.  When hair has shine it gives it a nice and healthy look.  Shine indicates life and health!  The secret to coconut oil is that it is lightweight and does not weight the hair down.  Additionally, using coconut oil will give you a protective coating on your hair strands.  It prevents and improves damage that is caused from ultraviolet exposure.

Fights Lice And Dandruff

Coconut oil will help you to maintain a healthy scalp.  To combat lice and damage you can add the oil to your favorite shampoo and conditioner.  It helps to massage it into your scalp, let it sit for a few minutes than rinse.  You can do this routine on a weekly basis if there is a severe case of lice and dandruff.  For mild to moderate cases once every two weeks may suffice.  Overtime you’ll notice that dry itchy scalp will decrease.  Along with drinking water you can really reverse your dandruff.  Unlike mineral oil that is synthetic and clogs pores, coconut oil feeds your follicles.  It is antimicrobial which is an important factor in eliminating dandruff.

Helps To Camoflage Split Ends

Please understand that nothing will repair your split ends.  In order to get rid of split ends completely, they need to be cut off.  You won’t want to hear this but once the hair is damaged it can’t repair itself. Coconut oil is only a temporary fix but it can hide ends that have been fried and dyed.  The coconut oil acts as a band-aid by adding shine and smoothing the ends.  Nonetheless, get rid of those split ends, your hair will grow longer and healthier when you do.

Use It For Hair Growth

This amazing oil keeps the hair healthy overall.  It stops split ends, dryness and damage which all help to aide in hair growth.  Generally, when the hair is healthy you will see some significant growth.  The fact that it has a high content of vitamin e alone, is enough to try it on your hair to get some good growth going.  Vitamin E helps to rebuild, support a healthy scalp and reduces oxidative stress.  Furthermore, it combats free radicals that causes damage to the hair follicles and scalp which slows and sometimes stops the hair from growing.

Keeps Frizzy Hair Away

Having frizzy hair can really cramp your style.  If you have natural hair you know this to be true.  You take time in the morning to do you hair and after 20 minutes of stepping outside, your hair frizzes and turns into a huge frizzy puff ball.  Use coconut oil to stop your hair from absorbing water(which causes frizzes). Coconut oil smooths and lays the hair by penetrating the hair shafts.


In Conclusion, I hope that I have given you a better understanding to your question of can you put coconut oil on your hair.  It is a wonderful oil and regardless of how you decide to use it on your hair you will benefit from adding it to your hair care routine.