Allergic Reaction To Skin Care Products

allergic reaction to skin care products

An Allergic Reaction To Skin Care Products

Those who suffer from sensitive skin will understand this post all to well.  Skin conditions is something that many people suffer from in the U.S.  The most popular are eczema, hives, dermatitis and psoriasis.  These skin conditions come about when the skin has been irritated by the type of products that you use on your skin.  It has been proven that products with unnatural ingredients can harm the skin and cause an allergic reaction.  Below, I will go over the reason why you could be experiencing an allergic reaction to skin care products and how you can solve the problem.

Allergic Reactions To Skin Care Products Cause Rashes And Breakouts

Personal products such as creams, make up and lotions can all cause rashes on the skin.  The side affects of a rash and damages on your skin maybe itching, burning and stinging.  You will probably experience these side affects in the areas where the product was applied.  Keep in mind that you should take a bit more precaution when you are applying skin care products to your face.  Why? it is one the most sensitive parts of the body, hence the reason why the breakouts, red raw skin is more common in this area.

Unnatural Ingredients

We have to understand that it is the toxins and chemicals in skin care products that are causing our skin irritations and rashes.  They are not skin friendly and can really do some major damage.  Some of the ingredients that you should look out for are parabens, formalin, formaldehyde, imidazolidinyl, quaterinum 15 and several others.  Unnatural ingredients are man made and unfortunately it is what most cosmetic companies choose to use because they are normally cheap and highly accessible.  This sucks because in the end your skin suffers.  Unnatural ingredients are foreign objects to the skin and when you breakout in hives, its a way of your body to tell you that something is wrong.

Use Fragrance Free Skin Care Products

This one can be tricky if you are not extra careful.  At times you may come across products that are labeled unscented but doesn’t necessarily mean that they are.  Companies use unscented ingredients to cover up stronger smells that come from other ingredients in the product.  

Make Checking Labels A Habit

 It’s always best to check the ingredient labels before you commit to any products.  Practice this habit because the ingredients used may not always be compatible with your skin type.  Especially if your skin is very sensitive.  Natural fragrances are best for the skin.  You’ll have piece of mind and avoid getting an allergic reaction to a skin care product.


Preservatives are also to blame for your allergic reactions to skin care products.  They are designed to make the product last and give it a longer shelf life.  Which means it wont go bad as quickly and you’ll be able to use the product for a longer period of time.  The most common preservatives that are known to cause allergic reactions are benzoates and sulfites.  

Chemical Sensitivity

You could have a sulfite sensitivity and it could be the reason why you are breaking out.  Sulfites are used in medications, foods and particular drinks.  These are all things that we consume on a daily basis and its a no brainer why a significant amount of people are suffering from this issue daily.  Understanding and knowing where the problem is coming from is beneficial.  Once you figure out the root of the problem you can change your routine to do what works for you.

Avoid Petroleum Based Products

Petroleum is probably one of the worst ingredients in a skin care product.  For starters it has a very thick texture and consistency.  You should not use this no matter how tough you think your skin is.  Also, petroleum is a by product of gasoline. You wouldn’t go to a gas station and rub gasoline on your face, so you shouldn’t use a skin care product that contains it either. An allergic reaction to petroleum is not very common but it can happen.  Because petroleum is such a complex mixture you never know what could be setting off your allergic reactions.  It is better to be safe than sorry.

Invest In All Natural Skin Care

All natural and organic is the way to go.  Natural products are free of chemicals, toxins and preservatives and several other ingredients that causes allergic reactions.  There are several natural skin care products on the market that are safe to use on the skin.  Our all natural and organic hair and skin care line being one.  Our shea butter has a blend of cocoa butter and coconut oil and works wonderfully on the skin as a moisturizer.  You’ll only have to worry about a reaction to it you are allergic to nuts.  Other than that it is a product produced by mother nature and does a great job at keeping the skin healthy.


Lastly, the reason you breakout in hives is because the top layer of your skin(the protective layer) has been compromised.  The top layer of your skin is designed to keep out irritants and allergens.  The goal is to feed your skin with the best so that it is always protected from the things that irritate it.  Generally speaking, healthy skin means a better complexion.