Winter Skin Care Tips

winter skin care tips

Winter Skin Care Tips

Cold temperatures in the winter are the culprit of dry itchy skin.  The frigid temperatures wreak havoc on the skin leaving you uncomfortable with damaged skin.  If you live in an area that gets hit hard every year by the cold weather, you know exactly what I am talking about.  It’s not fun to say the least.  It’s crucial that during the colder months you keep your skin protected and it’s all about your routine and what skin care products suite you.  Not all products will work for everyone so trial and error maybe necessary to find what works best for you.  With that being said, I will cover the basic winter skin care tips that may work for you.

Winter Skin Care Tip#1

Keep your skin moisturized.  Moisture is going to be the number one way to combat dry itchy skin during the winter.  Using skin care products that will provide moisture to you skin will protect it from the cold and wind that causes the skin to dry out.  One of the best winter skin care products that can be used is shea butter.  Shea butter keeps the skin super moisturized and it can be applied in the morning before starting your day.  When your skin is moisturized it has more elasticity. It allows it to stretch without cracking the surface of the skin and potentially leaving it damaged.

Use A Humidifier For Winter Skin Care

When the air in your room gets dry, the moisture in your skin will be depleted.  You can avoid this problem by investing in a humidifier.  The job of a humidifier is to keep the moisture in the air circulating and this will help the skin to retain moisture and all of the natural oils that it produces.  Dry skin happens when the skin losses water (moisture) faster than your body can replace it.  You can run your humidifer all night if you choose to.  This way you will minimize the amount of water that is lost while you sleep at night.  Additionally if you suffer from eczema using a humidifer will prevent symptoms.

Stay Away From Sulfates

Sulfates are very damaging to the skin.  They are even worst for your skin during the winter.  Sulfates are chemicals that are used in cosmetics such as hair and skin care products.  They are synthetic ingredients such as sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate.  Companies use them to market their products as anti-aging (which makes no sense) and thicken the texture of the product.  

What Sulfates Do To The Skin

These chemicals seriously dry out and irritate the skin. Have you ever taken a shower and afterwards your skin felt extremely dry?  It is the sulfates causing the drying. Sulfates are also used in store bought bar soaps and as a result, you are left with skin that is dull and cracking.  Try more natural soaps that clean and also retains moisture.  Leading me to the next winter skin care tip.

African Black Soap

This soap is all natural and has amazing benefits for treating skin in the winter.  African black soap can be used for several skin types including oily, dry and sensitive.  The most important benefit to take note of is that it is moisturizing.  From my personal experience using African black soap does a wonderful job at moisturizing and cleansing at the same time.  A few years back, I discovered how wonderdful it was after washing my face with it.  The African Black Soap gave my skin a moisturizing, protective barrier to be able to withstand the frigid air.  Using this soap once per day should get the job done.  Be sure to add it to your winter skin care.

Avoid Hot Showers

I know, I know, The feel so good but during the winter, they really serve no purpose if you are looking to keep your skin healthy and moisturized.  The problem is that hot water dehydrates the skin.  Water that is too hot will pull all of the moisture and natural oils out of the skin.  The skin is not able to replace the water fast enough to keep your skin moisturized.  We all love a soothing hot shower, but with the cold air and the amount of moisture that is lost from a hot shower it is a recipe for disaster.  The two together will only cause your skin to become dry beyond reason.  Hold off on the steamy showers until after the winter season has passed.

Exfoliate Less Often

Exfoliating is another habit that will have to be decreased during this time.  Exfoliating removes all of the dead skin cells and the barrier that protects the skin from the elements.  If you have dry skin to begin with exfoliating isn’t the best idea.  Also, if you decide to exfoliate try cutting back to once to twice per week, your skin will thank you.  When you exfoliate your skin needs time to regenerate itself and produce fresh and new skin cells that will produce the natural oil known as sebum.  Over exfoliating will lead to excessively dry skin making it hard for your skin to recover.

Choose The Best Moisturizing Skin Care Product

The last winter skin care tip that I want to share is to make sure that you have quality skin care products that will help keep your skin moisturized and soft.  Try using products that are organic and natural only.  This way, you’ll get a better result and keep your skin healthy.  Some of the best ingredients to use is shea and cocoa butter.  These two are great because they are thick and smooth creating a barrier on the skin, that protects from cold and wind while deeply moisturizing.  

Butta Babee's Shea Butter

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