Why You Shouldn't Relax Your Hair

Why You Shouldn't Relax Your Hair


So for many years black women have relaxed their hair.  The first relaxer was invented in 1909 by Garrett Augustus Morgan.  Morgan decided to test the cream on a dogs fur.  The experiment was a success and he began to sell is product to African Americans and mixed people. A relaxer is a type of cream that is used by African Americans that have tight curls.  It straightens the hair by chemically relaxing the natural curls.  Strong ingredients are used for this process and may include alkali or ammonium thioglycolate.  This is also why I want to discuss why you shouldn’t relax your hair.  These chemicals that are used are very harmful to the body and can cause major damage to the hair and overall health.

Disadvantages Of Using Relaxers

Hair relaxers contain very powerful chemicals.  They are not regulated by the food and drug administration.  For some, relaxers cause hair breakage, hair thinning and stunts the hair growth.  This is not to mention the chemical burns that many of us are familiar with when using relaxers.  We have to give up the notion that if it burns it means it is working.  No! if it burns it means that something is not right and causing harm.  There is scientific research that has shown concern for the types of ingredients used in black hair products.  These products enter our bodies through the pores and lead to additional complications.

Relaxers contain chemicals that we wouldn’t want to use if presented in a different form.  Oven cleaners, paint thinners, and chemical relaxers all have a couple of things in common.  They contain lye and sodium hydroxide.  All are highly corrosive and are used in many different products.

Health Concerns

In addition to the cons that were discussed previously, there are also health concerns.  Studies show relaxers cause life threatening ailments.  They are reproductive problems, heart disease, cancer, early puberty, fibroids and mental health disorders.  Relaxers interfere with the chemical balance of our bodies.  It is apparent that these issues are becoming more and more prevalent in the present day within black communities.  It is never a good idea to sacrifice your health to have straight hair.  These practices can lead to issues down the line that will be hard to reverse.

Start making some changes now and go natural.  Being natural is much healthier for your hair and health in general.  Understand that when relaxers are made they are not made with good intentions.  Companies will put anything together, throw it in a bottle, call it a hair product and sell it to you to make a quick buck.  Your health is not a concern for them but it should be for yourself.

Making Your Final Decision

If you continue to relax your hair by all means, it is your preference.  Just know, understand and beware of the dangers that come along with doing so.  This also goes for hairdressers, you all are not safe either!  Inhaling these chemicals can be dangerous.  Everyone who comes in contact with the relaxer is affected.  

If you are not convinced to stop relaxing after reading this article you must make sure you are cautious when using the product.  It is best that you relax your hair every 3-4 months instead of every 8 weeks.  This will give your hair time to recover from the previous application before applying a new one.  Making sure to deep condition regularly and using natural hair care products as such whipped shea butter and cocoa butter will keep the hair healthy.  Avoiding balding and hair loss is the main concern.