Why Are My Edges Thinning?

Why are my edges thinning?

Why Are My Edges Thinning

As women we are naturally self conscious about the apperance of our hair.  It is one of the first things that people see when we are approached by someone.  Know wonder we are always searching for the best hair care products and routines, to keep our hair in its most healthiest state.  Unfortunately even with the best and most expensive hair care products many African American women suffer from thinning edges.  Many times thinning edges are caused by poor styling habits and techniques, leaving you with a hairline that is much thinner in comparison to the rest of your hair.  You’ve been asking yourself “why are my edges thinning” but just can’t seem to find the culprit.  There are several factors that could be causing your edges to thin, they are:

Your Edges Are Thinning From Extensions

Yes, that’s right! your extensions could be causing your edges to slowly thin overtime.  We all love a good box braid style but if they are not installed properly they will cause damage to your hair and scalp.  Box braids are one of the best protective styles around but they aren’t so “protective” if they are pulling your hair out.  If you are planning to have box braids or any type extension style installed, make sure that your braider is not braiding too tight.  Also, request that your edges be left out so that they won’t be pulled and have so much tension on them causing breakage.

Your Edges Are Thinning From Tight Ponytails

Ponytails are the go to style when you are in a rush, feeling lazy or you just want a quick simple style.  Ponytails are lifesavers especially during the hot summer months, when it is too hot for long straight styles.  But again, they can cause major damage to your edges.  They put tension on your hairline if they are pulled too tight, too often, in the same direction.  Try to limit the amount of pony styles that you do, if you want to keep your edges.  When you do decide to wear ponytails, switch it up a little.  Try wearing a low ponytail for a few days and a high ponytail for the next few days.  This is so your hairline won’t be pulled with tension constantly in the same areas.  This way they will get a chance to rest.

Harsh Products

Did you know that the products you use on your hair could be causing your edges to thin?  Products that contain alcohol such as gels can cause damage to your hairline.  Why you ask? Well for starters most gels contain alcohol and alcohol is very drying.  Dry hair leads to breakage.  You should really try your best to stay away from products and ingredients that are known to dry the hair out.  Any shampoos that contain chemicals like sodium lauryl sulfate are no bueno.  This ingredient is very harsh and offers no benefit to the hair.


Brushing also ranks high on the list when it comes to thinning edges.  Hard and consistent brushing that is.  The more you brush your hair the weaker your hair line will become and eventually began to fall out.  This is especially true if you are using a brush that has hard bristles.  Instead of using a hard bristle brush to smooth and lay your edges try using a brush with soft bristles or smoothing down your hairline with your hands.

Rough Handling And Over Manipulation

Your hairline is very fragile and the most sensitive part of your hair.  It has to be treated like fine lace- with extra care.  Over manipulating your edges with fancy styling and techniques, is a sure fire way to lose them.  My motto is to “just leave it alone”.  The less you touch your hair the more it will flourish and grow.  If you can leave your hair alone for 7 days at a time, that is ideal.  Always take precautions when handling your hairline.

Friction From Fabrics

Friction is terrible for your edges.  Friction happens when fabrics and materials are constantly rubbing up against your hairline.  This commonly happens during the winter when hats are worn or during bedtime when the wrong head protection is chosen.  You should always have some type of silk or satin (preferably silk) under your hats to protect the hairline and also for bedtime.  Silk is soft which means it glides across the hair rather than getting caught and snagged on your hairline like cotton.  Cotton also sucks up moisture which we all know hair that lacks moisture will break.

Health Issues

Health Issues can also be the cause of your edges thinning.  It is possible that you could be deficient in some of the most vital vitamins that are needed to keep your hair healthy and growing.  If you are taking medications for any of your health problems, this can also be a factor.  Some medications can cause your hair to become thin, weak and brittle, eventually falling out.

How To Treat And Fix Thinning Edges

You don’t have to live with thinning edges.  To get your edges back to a healthy state they will have to be pampered on a regular basis.  The products  you use on your hairline and your daily routine will determine how well your hairline grows back.  I have personally dealt with thinning edges and was able to repair them. We have created awesome products such as our whipped shea butter blend and our follicle awakening hair oil.  Both work wonders for restoring the hair and contains all natural and organic ingredients.  They provide some of the best vitamins and nutrients the hair needs to grow healthy, long and strong.