Whipped Shea Butter For Babies

Shea Butter For Babies

Offering The Best

Having a new baby is one of the most exciting time of a couples life, especially if you are first time parents.  Trying to find the best products can become stressful.  You want to give your baby the best of everything and what life has to offer.  You may have that same concern when it comes down to taking care of your babies skin.  Artificial ingredients can cause health problems and in my book, they don’t pass the test of products being approved to be used for your babies skin.  A product that does? Whipped shea butter. Yes! whipped shea butter can be used for babies.  Shea butter for babies is nourishing, gentle while being effective at the same time.

The Benefits Of Using Shea Butter For Babies

Whipped Shea Butter for babies is one of the best options for total body care.  It is natural, easy to use and does not contain any toxic chemicals if it is purchased in it’s purest form.  Shea butter can be used for many things.  Diaper rashes, sun protection, chafed skin, cradle cap and so much more.  It is extremely moisturizing.  This hair and body butter is better than the popular old school baby oil that many parents use.  Shea butter does not contain harmful man made toxins such as mineral(which is what baby oil is made from).  Mineral oil does not actually moisturize but instead it blocks out moisture. This can cause even more dryness to the hair and skin.  African shea butter will keep the skin soft and moisturized.

Use It For Your Babies Hair

Condition your little ones hair daily using shea butter.  Dry skin conditions like cradle cap will cause a baby’s scalp and hair to become notoriously dry.  If your baby is experiencing this, it is best to massage the whipped shea butter into the scalp and hair for a few minutes daily.  Using whipped shea butter you can easily apply and distribute it evenly.  Make it bonding time with your baby as he or she will enjoy the special treat.  With consistent use the baby’s hair will start to look more moisturized and more growth will come.  You don’t need to rinse it out and the hair will absorb the vitamins and moisture shea butter has to offer.

Shea Butter For Babies Skin

A babies skin is very sensitive.  That’s why it is much easier for their skin to become inflamed and breakout with rashes.  A newborn child’s skin is thin, much thinner than an adults.  The outer layer of the skin (also known as the epidermis) is 20 percent thinner than an adults.

It Is Safe

With that being said shea butter is safe for some of the most new, delicate and sensitive skin.  It really does trump store bought baby skin and hair care products.  When you use raw organic shea butter on a baby’s skin, it is best to apply it right after a bath.  After a warm bath the pores will still be open.  When the shea butter is applied at that point, it can soak into the skin for additional moisture.  Chaffing will no longer be a concern once shea butter is added to your baby’s skin care routine.

A Relaxing Bedtime Butter

Because shea butter is natural and does not have an overpowering scent, you can add  your own scent.  Lavender essential oil is a great option.  It will give your whipped shea butter a delightful scent and help your baby to get a good nights rest.  Lavender naturally has soothing and calming properties that help to reduce stress.  In turn, this leads to better sleep.  Something that we all don’t mind especially if there is a newborn involved.

How To Add The Essential Oil

You can add a few drops of lavender to your raw shea butter and mix them together.  Never apply an essential oil to the skin alone.  They are very potent and can cause damage to the skin.  Especially a babies skin.  Always check with your child’s pediatrician first to be sure essential oils are safe for your baby.

Start Early

I hope that you have a better understanding of why shea butter for babies is safe and a healthy alternative to commercial products.  Once you add shea butter to your baby’s routine you won’t want to use anything else.  If you start the process early of taking care of their skin naturally to heal dry skin, scrapes, burns and bruises your child’s skin will be much better off in the future as they grow older.  By the time they are teenagers and young adults they will understand the proper way to take care of their skin.  You can purchase our organic whipped shea butter here.