What Is 4c Hair Type?

What is 4c hair type?

What Is 4c Hair Type?

In the natural hair community many people depend on the hair typing system inorder to determine what hair texture they have.  For the African American community hair types or textures can range from 3a-4c.  The hair typing system displays the type of curl pattern each hair type has.  For most African Americans 4c hair is the most common.  It is also the kinkiest  of all hair textures (hence the reason  why it is last on the chart).  Even though the natural hair movement is in full effect some people are still unsure of what their hair type is or unsure of how to tell what their hair type/texture is.  We will take a deep dive to find out what 4c hair type is.

How To Identify 4c Hair Type

4C hair compared to other hair types which are looser, is very densed and does not offer much definition without adding product.  This is because the kinks and curls of 4c type hair are so tightly coiled that the hair does not curl naturally as compared to say someone who has 3 type hair.  Also, 4c hair as much more shrinkage as compared to the looser curl patterns.  Shrinkage is more likely to occur with those who have this texture of hair (such as myself and Butta Babee).  Again, this is because the hair is much tighter and doesn’t require much of anything to bounce back.  In addition, shrinkage is a sign that your hair is healthy and thriving.

Characteristics Of 4C Hair Type

I am going to be completely honest with you on this.  4c hair at times can be a pain to deal with.  There are several characteristics that if you are not aware of, will make you want to scream and shave your head bald.  Some of these characteristics are that the hair tangles and locks up easily.  Which is why this hair texture is a great candidate for dreadlocks.

Second Characteristic

Shrinkage is something serious when the hair gets wet.  The hair can shrink up to 50% or more!!(crazy right).

Third Characteristic

Your hair may feel dry more often and has a result it may break off easily.  With this you have to be very careful because your hair will never grow if it is constantly breaking off.  Next, it soaks up moisture such as water, conditioners and oils quickly.  As a result, you’ll have to moisturize the hair more often.

Embrace It

Some naturals who have tighter coils are sometimes embarassed to flaunt it.  They feel that their hair is too nappy and it doesn’t make them feel sexy.  Well as a 4c hair type natural I am here to tell you that it is amazing.  I love having thick, full hair that I can get creative with styles.  I always receive compliments on how beautiful and healthy my hair looks.  Having this hair texture may have its cons but it also has its pros.  It is all about learning how take care of your highly textured hair and what products work best for you.