What Can I Use On Stretch Marks

What Can I Use On Stretch Marks

What Can I Use On Stretch Marks

It’s almost seems as if you can’t get rid of them.  It happens to the best of us. They can appear  on your skin in several different places, for several different reasons.  Your stretch marks may have come from losing or gaining weight and becoming pregnant.  They appear when the skin has been stretched at a rapid rate.  As a result, your skin will begin to form stretch marks. Although they are very common, for many it can be embarassing.  If I had to guess I would say that you’ve probably had your stretch marks for quite sometime and are searching for a solution.  You’ve been pondering to yourself “what can i use on stretch marks?” 

Use Shea Butter On Stretch Marks

Have you ever heard of shea butter?  Well I’m here to tell you that you won’t need to search any further for a solution.  Organic raw shea butter is known to get rid of stretch marks.  It keeps the skin hydrated, moisturized and generates new skin cells.  The fatty acids which are found in organic, raw, quality shea butter, lubricates the membranes of your skin cells, all while helping to produce collagen.  As more collagen is produced and the skin is kept moisturized, you will see that overtime they will start to fade with the consistent use of shea butter.

Why Shea Butter Works

Shea butter contains a high content of vitamin A.  You may be familiar with the vitamin A that is manufactured and placed in store bought skin care products.  Manufactured vitamin A has nothing on natural vitamin A, which is found in shea butter.  This amazing vitamin that is found in shea butter increases the elasticity in your skin, keeps it strong and supple.  Secondly, shea butter also contains vitamin e.  It is an antioxidant that has anti-aging and skin regenerating properties.  It does a great job at helping to heal and fade any skin imperfections.  Additionally, vitamin e in shea butter helps to combat and reduce the itching that is caused by stretch marks.

Don't Forget About Cocoa Butter!

Cocoa butter is another option that is effective to combat and get rid of stretch marks.  Like shea butter it also contains vitamin E with the addition of vitamin k.  Vitamin k helps to heal wounds, bruises, stretch marks and strengthens the skin.  Cocoa butter absorbs nicely and helps the skin to retain moisture.  When the skin remains hydrated and moisturized, as it is stretched, it will lessen the chances of your skin producing stretch marks.  This natural butter will even out your skin tone, eventually melting them away.  Overtime the skin will soften and they will no longer be noticeable.

So, Which Butter Is Best ?

One is no better than the other and they both work very well on.  I personally prefer to use them together.   This way you get the best of both worlds.  One bonus about raw cocoa butter is that it smells like chocolate (and everyone loves chocolate!!) and can help to mask the nutty smell of shea butter.  When shea and cocoa butters are mixed together it creates a powerhouse.  Here at Butta Babee we have created the perfect blend of shea and cocoa butter.  Our organic whipped shea butter blend is creamy and easy to apply to your skin, and is a product that you’ll look forward to using.  Grab yours here and get on the road to healing and fading your stretch marks.