The Benefits Of Using Shea Butter On Your Face

Shea Butter for your face

Sensitive Skin And The Benefits Of Using Shea Butter On Your Face

Shea butter is one of the best nuts to use as a moisturizer on your face.  Taking care of the skin on your face is probably most important to you when compared to the rest of your body.  This may be the case because your face is what people see first.  Even if you are bundled up in your winter gear, your face will still be exposed. It’s a no brainer that you’d want it to look it’s best daily. The skin on the face is much more sensitive than the skin on your arms and legs.  That is why it is important to make sure that the products you decide to use are organic, pure and natural.  Which is why I want to share with you the benefits of using shea butter on your face.

You Are Using A Pure Product

It is not very likely that using shea butter on your face will cause adverse reactions unless you are allergic to nuts, that is.  Shea butter is a great candidate for a face moisturizer. When this product is added to your skin care routine breakouts will be slim to none.  It is even less of a chance when it is organic.  When shea butter is grown organically it is free of chemicals, parabens, gmo’s and additives.  You get to keep all of the vitamins that help you to maintain healthy skin.  High quality shea butter makes all of the difference in how well it will perform on your skin.

Smoothes Wrinkles And Soothes Dry Skin

Wrinkles are a sign of dehydration.  It also comes from having less elastic, drier and thinner skin.  You could also experience creases and lines in your skin.  Shea butter will help you to combat all of these skin issues.  This product has the ability to make your wrinkles less visible to the eye.  Once the moisture is added you will notice that overtime your skin will look healthy.  The shea butter will protect it from the elements and free radicals that can cause your skin to feel dry and look wrinkled.  When your skin is properly protected from the sun and other enivornmental pollutants, aging will also decrease and slows the process down.

Increases Collagen

Other benefits of using shea butter on your face is to increase collagen.  Collagen is known to many as the foundation of youth.  Now you may wonder why your grandmother and grandfather have sagging wrinkled skin.  It is because they have very low levels of collagen or may even have none at all.  If you start the process of nourishing your skin early on you can avoid having loose sagging skin.  Let me just be clear that shea butter doesn’t technically produce more collagen.  But it does help to protect the collagen that you have and sets a healthy environment for your skin to produce more.  This is also with the help of the high vitamin a content that shea butter has.  Vitamin a is known as the collagen stimulating vitamin.

Has A High Vitamin A Content

Vitamin a is a life save for the skin on your face.  You would be happy to know that shea butter has the ability to clear up acne, thanks to the vitamin a that it has.  Acne is a popular skin condition that is hard for many people to control.  For the most part you may be using the wrong skin care products. They are counter productive in reaching your skin care goals.  You want to use the best products for your face to avoid breakouts that can be hard to get rid of.  A product that naturally contains vitamin a is the answer as it stimulates cell turnover.  As a result, oil production slows down and keeps the pores clear of build up that causes acne.

Great For Aging Skin

The benefit of using shea butter on your face is the unbelievable anti-aging properties.  Skin that is beginning to age will benefit from a nice organic shea butter.  Retaining the moisture in your skin to keep it looking youthful can become difficult.  This is especially true in the summer months.  The sun is beaming down on you and can make you feel dry if you don’t use the proper care techniques.  There was a study done by the American Journal Of Life Sciences. There were 49 participants and they applied shea butter to their skin twice a day over the course of a few months.  It was quickly discovered that it does a wonderful job at preventing aging.  As i mentioned earlier in the article, start now. By the time you are in your 60-70’s, your skin will look as flawless as it did at 20.

Improves Skin Tone

The winter months can be super brutal on the skin.  The cold air dries out the skin and affects the pigmentation.  It also doesn’t help that the sun is very limited in the winter because it gets darker earlier during these months.  Dry patches on your face can also be a factor during the winter and cause scaly, scabbed skin.  The vitamin e that is naturally found in shea butter will even skin tone, lighten your scars,  remove dark spots, which reduces imperfections.

More Benefits Of Using Shea Butter On Your Face

The benefits of using shea butter on your face are underrated.  Protecting against uv damage, anti-aging properties, healthy skin production, protects against infections, smooths wrinkles, evens skin tone and clearing acne are just a few of the benefits it offers.  The skin on your face tells others how healthy you are and how well you are aging.  To set yourself back a few years in age, whipped shea butter should be a moisturizer that you use on your face daily.  It’s safe and it gets the job done. What more can you ask for?!