Stay Away From Professional Hairstylist

Stay Away From Professional Hairstylist

Precautionary Measures

This topic on why you should stay away from professional hair stylist ,can be sensitive and controversial for many.  I know that I have had my fair share of hair stylist and trust me, it hasn’t been all good.  Botched cuts, trims, over processed hair from chemicals and heat tools was enough for me to shy away.  If you are a woman of color then you may already know that your hair can be an issue.  One of the reasons we even decide to go to a hair stylist is because we look at them as professionals and trust their work. And I use the word trust very lightly.  We are normally afraid to let them do certain services such as trimming because we have been scarred in the past from horrible jobs done by other hair stylist. 

It's All About The Money

Back in the day when you would visit a hair salon 9 times out of 10 you were getting the service you paid for. Hair dressers were more focused on the health of your hair rather than the look.  This is not the case in 2019.  Times have changed and many are just looking to make a quick buck. Stylist will fry and dye your hair and sacrifice the health of your hair just to have a cute hairstyle.  You should never subject yourself to hair loss just to have a temporary style.  You have the power to change this.  Don’t give them so much power to the point where you are suffering and stuck having to figure out a solution to the problem. Don’t be another number! If this is the case, stay away from professional hairstylist!

Scissor Happy

Have you ever gone in for a simple trim and came out with a bob? If not let me tell you it is the most frustrating thing you can experience.  And then we wonder why “black hair doesn’t grow”.  When in reality it’s not that it doesn’t grow.  Instead, you don’t get a chance to retain the length that you have gained because it is snipped off the moment it is grown.

A few years back I remember reading stories about why black stylist are so scissor happy.  Someone said ” Now I’m not saying all black stylist are scissor happy but all the one’s I’ve been to were , and I’ve been to a lot over the years”. It’s really unfortunate and causes us not to be able to trust.  There was another post that mentioned some stylist being jealous of women with long hair and miseducation causes a significant amount of unhappy customers. I would hope that this is not true because that is a cruel act in itself. Again if this is a concern, stay away from professional hairstylist!

They Want Control

Honestly speaking I never understood why someone would pay money to a professional stylist and not get what it is that you are paying for. Some stylist have the tendency to want to practice and experiment on you.  The issue I have with this is you pay money and walk out unhappy because you have let them take control.  For example, you can request a certain style and you may get shut down completely because they don’t think it complements you.  It is fine for them to offer their opinions.  You should never be in a space where you feel as if you are forced to please them. Remember, you are paying them, they are not paying you!

Educate Yourself

Now, I am not telling you that you should ditch your hair dresser if you have built a relationship with her, and you get the service you are paying for.  If you have no issues it best that you stick with her because let’s be honest, a good hair stylist is hard to come by.  Which is why it is important for you to do your own research and educate yourself before you sit down in that salon chair.  Not doing so will lead to problems in the future and much disappointment.

It is always a good idea to get a referral from a trusted source before you decide to have your hair styled by anyone.  For many hair stylist today, they are just looking to make a dollar.  It is sad to say that but, for the most part you will just be another number for them.  So, you have to take care because if you won’t then who will?!