Natural Hairstyles For Kids

Natural Hairstyles For Kids

Preparing The Hair To Do Natural Hairstyles For Kids

All of these natural hairstyles for kids are great! The are also known as low manipulation and protective styles.  We all desire for our child to have these types of styles because the allow the hair to rest. In turn, length will be retained which leads to growth.  Be sure that as you are doing these styles you are moisturizing the hair properly. Whipped Shea butter is an excellent choice for moisture.  We provide 100% organic hand whipped shea butter here to keep your hair in it’s healthy state.

High Puff

The High Puff is very simple and cute.  So, it can be worn on children that have hair types 3a-4c.  3 type hair will not require you to use has much gel or edge control. If the style is done on 4c hair you’ll have to use more gel. This will keep the style neat throughout the day.

Pros: Easy to do, Does not require much time, easy to keep hair moisturized

Cons: Does not last long, May have to be redone daily depending on hair type, hair can become tangled at night while sleeping.

Two Strand Twist

Secondly, is the two strand twist are always cute and personally is my go to style for my daughter when I have run out of ideas.  This style is best for children with 3c-4c type hair.  These hair types allow for the twist to stay in place and last for a longer period of time.

Pros: Style can be dressed up with hair accessories using beads or barrettes. Hair can be sprayed with a moisturizer while hair is still styles. Gives hair strands a break from consistent pulling and combing, hair will retain more length due to less combing.

Cons: If rubber bands at the base are put in too tight the child’s scalp will become irritated and hair will begin to break.

Buns With Two Strand Twist

Truly, a versatile natural hairstyle for kids, best for 3a-4c hair. The buns can be separated with a zig zag or straight part.  The buns can be layed flat with gel or control for a more sleek look.  The twist can be left in for a few days and be taken down to have a nice crimped look.  In addition, you can also do braids instead of the twist for a similar look.

Pros: Easy to do for moms just learning to style hair. A Natural hairstyle for kids that allows hair to rest, age appropriate

Cons: If your child has type 4 hair shrinkage will be apparent.

Ponytails, Bow Bows And Barrettes

I personally love this natural hair style for little girls.  You can get creative with the colors and type of accessories to make the style stand out.  Need a quick hairstyle for church? Are you running late for work and need to get out of the door?  This is the style for you.  The ponytails are best suited for those with 3 and 4 type hair.

Pros: Quick style, takes little of your time, beginner friendly.

Cons:  Will not last long, depending on hair type and nightly routine, re-styling daily may be necessary. Ponytails can be pulled too tight and cause thinning edges and breakage.

Lemonade Braids

Now we are all familiar with the famous lemonade braids.  All started by Mrs. Carter herself.  I think this style is one of the cutest cornrow styles to come about.  Hair types from 3a-4c can indulge and be cute while letting the hair rest.  You can do the hairstyle using your child’s natural hair or with added synthetic hair. Furthermore, synthetic hair will allow the style to last a bit longer.

Pros: Popular cute style, can be done with small to large sized braids.

Cons: If braids are pulled tightly in the back it will pull on the nape and cause discomfort.

Box Braids

There are so many different variations of box braids.  You can do them small, medium, large, jumbo, etc.  Janet Jackson in poetic justice has given us much inspiration.  We have gotten fancy with how we style our box braids.  Some decide to dress up this style with triangle parts and adding colorful string to the braids.  What I like most about box braids is that they last for long a time.  This is especially true if you want to add hair.  The added hair will make the hair more full.  Box braids are good for girls with 3a-4c type hair.

Pros: Can be done with natural or synthetic hair. Style can last about 2-3 weeks with natural hair and 2 months with added hair. Different styles can be done with box braids such as buns and ponytails.

Cons: Time consuming – especially if hair is added. It can take about 5 hours depending on the size of the braids.  May cause an itchy scalp.  Long take down time.

Poodle Puffs

Poodle Puffs are a fairly new style and becoming more popular in the black community.  I love this natural hairstyle for kids. If you are someone who hates shrinkage and the way it looks on your child, this style will not work for you.  Poodle puffs look best on those with type 4 hair.  Shrinkage is your friend in this case.  The puffier the hair the better.  It is best not to blow dry the hair before starting. Wet hair is best.

Pros: Last for 3 weeks. It is unique and makes hair look full.

Cons: Rubber bands can cause breakage.  It can be time consuming- on average it takes about 2-3 hours to complete.

Ferris Wheel Cornrows

Ferris Wheel Cornrows is the go to summer style in the black community.  They are cute, easy to do and won’t have your child sitting for hours on end.  To get the best look hair should be added for length and thickness.  The added hair will also help the style to last longer.  Anyone with 3a-4c hair type can achieve this style. Type 4 hair may require you to use more gel to get the sleek look and lay the hair down.

Pros: Easy to do, Fast styling time(about 30 minutes). Perfect for the summer months

Cons: Will only last about a week or so.  If synthetic hair is added it may cause itching.

Connect The Buns

I really love this look.  It reminds me of minnie mouse and is so girly.  I’ve seen this style on so many little girls this summer who were flower girls.  They dressed up the buns with nice hair clips and pins.  The middle section that connects to the buns gives the style more personality.  This natural hairstyle for kids can be done on those with 3 and 4 hair types.  Instead of the buns you can also have ponytails that hang down the sides.

Pros: Easy for Beginners. 

Cons: None

Stitch Braid Bun

Lastly, is the stitch braid bun is one that is unique and appealing to the eye.  Most children wear this style with added hair. You want the bun to be full and braids to stay neat and uniformed throughout the life of the style.  This natural hairstyle for kids can be pulled of by children with 3a-4c type hair.  As you can see the corn braid part/design is not what is normally seen.  The stitch braid bun gives a little edge to a cornrow style.

Pros: With proper care can last 3-4 weeks.  Has a unique braiding pattern. Hair and ends are protected from the elements.

Cons: Synthetic hair may cause itching.  If too much hair is used the bun will be too heavy.