Natural Chest Rub For Babies

Natural chest rub for babies

Natural Chest Rub For Babies

The change of seasons can have an affect on all of us.  The weather changes starts to affect our health and quality of life.  What really sucks is when it starts to affect your sweet precious baby.  You’ll know what I am talking about, their nose starts to get stuffy, they are crying all day long because they severly congested.  I know the feeling all to well.  Not to mention, you’re proabably losing sleep throughout this process because the baby is cranky and not able to sleep during the night.  Most of the time you’ll pick up some medicated products from the drug store. Yes, they work but are filled with chemicals and harmful ingredients.  What you should be looking for is a natural chest rub for babies.

Why A Natural Chest Rub For Babies

Well first is because it is natural, safe and beneficial to your baby.  Along with that, it is important that even when your child is sick, he should be able to get a good nights sleep.  During the night is when the body repairs and detox’s itself, so the child should be getting as much sleep as possible, especially if they are closer to the newborn age.  You want to start them off on the right path and what better way to do it than keeping them healthy.  Using all natural products will help them heal and get better.

What Type Of Chest Rub Should I Use?

There are several different chest rubs that you can use.  But it is best that you create one at your own home.  The reason why because you control which ingredients will be added and you’ll have piece of mind knowing that your baby is getting the best.   I would suggest you use a chest rub that has a shea and cocoa butter base.  This will create a thick texture you need for a chest rub, while also offering some other great benefits for skin and health.  The bonus is that everything is natural, pure and safe for your little one. 

DIY Shea Butter Chest Rub Recipe

This recipe is pretty simple and some of the ingredients can be found at the health food store.

*Note* This recipe also works well for adults.

– 1/4 cup of organic shea or cocoa butter

-peppermint essential oil (kills bacteria and unclogs sinuses)

-eucalyptus essential oil ( removes mucus, kills viruses)

-tea tree essential oil (kills bacteria)

– cypress essential oil ( helps cough and congestion)

– spruce essential oil (strengthens immune system)


If you purchase a shea butter that is in solid form, you will have to make it softer by whipping it up a bit. If you are strapped for time and don’t have the tools to whip it and make it smoother, you can grab yours from us here at butta babee.  Once you have gotten your shea butter to a soft, easy to apply texture you can start adding the essential oils.  I recommend that you add about 10 drops of each essential oil to your blend.  Once you have added the oils, mix the oils together thoroughly with the shea butter.  After you mix the ingredients but feel that the scent is not potent enough, add a little more as you go.  The trick here is to add enough so that it can do its job by clearing the nasal passages and clearing the chest, but don’t make it too strong.

How To Use

For this natural shea butter chest rub all you have to do is rub it together on your hands and apply it to your baby’s neck and chest.  Really rub it in good, and while your at it give your child a nice massage.  It will help to calm her down and relax as her body is taking in all of the goodness that will help her recover.  If you really want to take it up a notch, you can put the mixture in a glass jar and sit that jar in some hot water.  The blend will be nice and warm when you apply it to the skin, it makes it that much more relaxing.

How To Store It

If this blend is stored properly it can last for quite some time.  It is best that you store it in a glass jar(mason jar) in a cool dry place.  You can keep it close by and apply it as much as you like.  Be sure that your home is not too hot as shea butter has a melting point of 89-100 degrees.


Now that you have created this awesome blend, your baby will be on the road to recovery.  This homemade blend will not fix the issue 100% but it definetly helps to get baby sleeping and breathing easily during the night.  I hope that this recipe will help you and I am confident that you will be satisfied with the results.