My Hair Is Dry And Limp

My Hair Is Dry And Limp

Seeking Answers

You are probably looking at yourself in the mirror thinking my hair is dry and limp.  There are several reasons that you may have dry and limp hair.  It is not hard to dream of having luxurious, soft, moisturized hair.  In particular we have social media platforms such as YouTube that cause people to be more self conscious.  With the countless hair videos that are posted, many are forced to believe that their hair isn’t good enough.  These feelings can cause one to develop low self-esteem.  They will always feel the need to have “perfect hair”.

Finding The Source

To clarify this is not about having perfect hair.  It has everything to do with having healthy hair.  It is most important to understand why your hair is dry in order to fix the issue.  Several things can cause dry, damaged, limp hair.

The Problems

One factor could be that your scalp isn’t producing enough oil.  It could also be that your hair losses moisture easily.  Healthy hair has a protective layer known as the cuticle.  If the hair strand is unhealthy with a damaged cuticle, its ability to hold moisture is limited.  Therefore, some oils escapes.


Some habits you may practice which are causing your dry hair are:  Over washing you hair and not using natural hair care products. You could also be using harsh shampoos.  These strip the hair of all the natural oils.  In addition, blow drying, using straighteners, chemical treatments and exposure to the sun have negative effects on your hairs health. For additional moisture you can try using natural oils for hair.


In the beginning it will be hard to cut out the daily practices that has caused your dry hair.  Here are some tips to getting your limp hair back to normal.

Firstly, you should wash your hair less often.  Second, use a mild shampoo that is designed to help dry hair.  Typically these shampoos contain fewer drying detergents.  Third, be sure to use natural hair care products that don’t have alcohol.  This ingredient definitely causes drying.  Next, remember to always use a moisturizing conditioner.  It will help your cuticles to lay flat.  In turn, the will be able to hold the natural oils.  Massaging your hair with natural oils for hair, jojoba, or coconut oil into your scalp will replenish moisture.


In any event, after you have tried using natural hair care products and these techniques and your hair is still dry and limp, you may need to see a professional.  A licensed hair stylist can help you with a deep conditioning treatment.  Lastly, if you notice that your dry hair is accompanied with fatigueweakness or hair loss see your doctor immediately.  All things considered, you may have an undiagnosed health problem.