Melanin In The Skin And Why It's Important

Melanin In The Skin And Why It's Important

Types Of Melanin

Melanin is a term that is used to describe pigmentation.  The melanin that we have in our skin is what gives us our rich chocolate color.  The darker the skin color the greater the melanin content is.  Melanin is controlled by 6 genes.  The melanin pigment is created by cells in the body which is called melanocytes.  Melanin in the skin doesn’t just affect your complexion.  It is also the reason for the color of your hair, eyes and the rich green color in vegetables and much more.  There are three different types of melanin.  The first is eumelanin.  This type is the most common and is what gives off the brownish color which is what is most popular amongst African Americans.  Secondly, there is pheomelanin.  It creates a reddish brown color and is the reason why you may see some people with freckles and red hair.  Lastly, you have neuromelanin which is found in the brain.

Melanin In The Skin And The Sun

As a melanated individual it is important that you get enough sun exposure.  That’s right! Stop running from the sun.  Our skin needs the nutrition and vitamins that natural skin care products and the sun offers, like vitamin d.  In fact the darker your skin the more melanin you have and you will also require more sun exposure.  Vitamin d is also known as The Sunshine Vitamin”.  I know  that over the years we have been programmed to believe that the sun is harmful to us and we should stay out of its way as much as possible.  This is far from the truth.  This may be the case for other races but for those of African decent need sunlight.  We don’t have to hide from the sun because melanin in the skin protects  from the sun.  It is one of the many reasons why it is a blessing to be of African descent.


No Sunscreen!

To have melanin in the skin is a blessing! One other misconception is that everyone needs to wear sunscreen.  This is untrue and could be the worst decision you can make for your skin.  Using sunscreen will block the sun and we don’t want to block the sun, we need the sun.  You wouldn’t be placed on this earth to run from other natural sources that were also put here to help you live a quality life.  Do your research and not believe everything that you hear.

Melanin In the Skin And Skin Cancer

Melanin in the skin protects us from skin cancer.  The protective skin pigment blocks the uv radiation from damaging the DNA and potentially causing skin cancer.  Skin cancer in people of color is almost non-existent.  There may be a few rare cases where someone of African descent may be diagnosed with skin cancer but it isn’t very likely.  

In fact, using products such as sunscreens can cause negative effects.  This can cause your body and skin to become deficient in vitamins and minerals. They are necessary to have healthy skin.  The role of melanin is to protect.  You already have your natural protection from birth so, why would you need to use harmful products that may actually cause you skin cancer.  Sunscreens are produced with harmful chemicals that you should stay away from and be aware of.  If you chose to protect your skin from the sun, natural skin care products should always be your first option.

Natural Sunscreens

As the summertime approaches you may be spending lots of time in the sun, at the beach and pool.  There are other route’s you can take to make and use your own natural sunscreens.  Shea butter being one of them.  You can make your own sunscreen using unrefined shea butter for skin, jojoba oil and coconut oil.  Cocoa butter for skin is also a great option. The fat that is found in cocoa butter forms a protective barrier over the skin.  Cocoa butter is also rich in phytochemicals.  Phytochemicals are natural plant compounds.  They are known to improve the blood flow to the skin, slows aging by protecting the skin against damage from the suns uv rays.  I hope that you can take something from this article.  Understand that if you feel the need to have additional protection from the sun, remember you always have natural skin care products to help get the job done.