Is Shea Butter Good For Stretch Marks?

Is Shea Butter Good For Stretch Marks?

Why It Happens

Pregnancy and stretch marks; an experience that comes about for women during the earlier parts of life.   While pregnant your hormones soften your skin making it more prone to getting stretch marks.  As the baby grows in size overtime your skin will start to stretch.  It is possible that they will show up on other places on your body.  Your thighs and breast to just name a few.  It can be an exciting time for most but also daunting.  As if dealing with shortness of breathmorning sickness and mood swings were not enough – here comes those lovely stretch marks.  If you’re lucky your stretch marks may go away on their own overtime.  Unfortunately, this is not the case for everyone.  They come and never seem to go away.  So, you may be wondering “Is Shea Butter Good For Stretch Marks”.

Preventing Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are so common that they develop in 9 out of 10 pregnancies.  They usually appear around the 6th or 7th month.  Once this happens you know that the collagen and elastin has been stretched and snapped. This is all due to rapid weight gain.  The best thing you can do to keep stretch marks from appearing or to have the best chance of reducing them is to treat them while they are new.  Once the marks start to fade it will become much more difficult to treat.  Taking preventative measures are even better and becoming pro-active will give you a jump start and a pre-treatment so to speak.

Is Shea Butter Good For Stretch Marks?

Yes it is! When you get the shocking but great news that you are expecting you should start moisturizing with whipped shea butter! You should moisturize the areas where the stretch marks are most likely to show up.  The most common areas on the body where you will see them are on your stomach, hips, breasts and lower back.  


When you use a good moisturizer you will help to maintain your skins elasticity. This means that the skin will be less likely to tear as you gain weight and your body starts to expand.  Moisture is important because it provides hydration.  Interestingly enough the moisture that you add to your belly will also help with itchiness.  I know many of us are familiar with this problem all to well.  One other tip you can use is making sure you keep control of your weight.  If you gain a healthy amount of weight which is between 25-35 pounds you’ll be able to keep stretch marks to a minimum.  Maintaining a healthy weight means keeping your skin from overstretching. 

Natural Skin Care Products

Natural skin care products are the best.  They have no adverse side affects and won’t cause any health issues in the future.  The best products that you can use is whipped shea butter, cocoa butter and coconut oil.  The high vitamin e content will help scars to subside and skin will become more supple.  It is best to use whipped shea butters that are raw and organic.  This natural blend of oils and butters help to soften stretch marks.  This product should be used twice per day and preferably in the morning and at night after you have taken a shower.  Implementing this routine will help to lock in the moisture.  Cocoa butter and shea butter should be applied everyday up until you give birth.  A nutrient rich body butter that helps to shrink the skin back in place is necessary.