How To Take Care Of Natural Hair With Shea Butter

How to take care of natural hair with shea butter

Gain Knowledge And Have Patience

A head full of healthy natural hair is beautiful. “The big hair don’t care” is in full affect.  But, in order for you to have healthy hair you must know how to take care of it.  It is not rocket science and all it takes is having a little knowledge and patience.  Products and technique are major factors in how healthy your hair will be.  Today we have several outlets available for natural hair care tips.  You tube, Facebook, Instagram to name a few.  They are filled with self proclaimed natural hair guru’s.  Some great, some of them not so great.  Many of them are also advertising products and you may not know what’s best for you.  My number one pick is shea butter.  In this post, I will discuss how to take care of natural hair with shea butter.

Moisturize First

Now we know that whipped shea butter is an awesome product to use on natural hair.  If not used properly it can cause dry, crispy feeling hair.  The reason this is because shea butter is technically not a moisturizer, but it helps to lock in moisture.  If you use whipped shea butter on your natural hair before you moisturize with some type of liquid first you’ll be locking moisture out.  A liquid moisturizer that can be used is water or some type of leave in conditioner.  A water based product will be able to soak into the strands and keep them moisturized for a much longer time.  This process will help you to avoid dull, lifeless hair.  Think of your whipped shea butter as the “oil” in the L.O.C. method.

How To Take Care Of Natural Hair With Shea Butter

An easy and simple way you can incorporate whipped shea butter into your natural hair care regimen is to use it in the “l.o.c” method.  What is the “L.O.C” method you ask?. How can I use it for my natural hair with shea butter?  Let me first explain that the loc method is good for those especially with type 4 hair.  This grade of hair is much drier and coarse.  This happens because oils cannot travel down the hair shaft because of the tight coils.  The L.O.C method is not one that is “old school” but it has been proven to work for curly hair if done properly and used consistently.  The l stands for for liquid, o for oil, and c for cream.

Different Ways To Use The L.O.C Method

The first way is to use a liquid first as I mentioned earlier (water, leave in). Oil – in this case the whipped shea butter would be used as your oil.  Lastly, there is the cream.  This could consist of a product that has a texture similar to a deep conditioner.  In the natural hair community it is known as a hair pudding or souffle.  Oh my! that sounds delicious.  Anyhow, I will be completely honest, I never liked this way of using l.o.c method because it just never made sense to me.  Putting the cream on after the oil was just always counter productive to me.  The whipped shea butter that you use, should be used at the very end of your moisturizing session so that everything is locked in.  So, here is how I use the loc method for my 4c type hair below.

L.C.O Maybe Better For Your Hair Type

For myself and Butta Babee’s regimen the whipped shea butter seals in all of the ingredients that were used previously.  We use a leave in conditioner, cream and then our whipped shea butter. I’ve tried doing this method the other way around and it left our hair feeling a crunchy mess.  Breakage was soon to follow.  It just goes to show you that what may work for someone else may not work for you and vice versa.  This method may not be necessary for curly girls with type 3 hair.  This grade of hair is much softer and sometimes responds differently.  Nonetheless you can try it out and see how it works for you.

How To Take Care Of Natural Hair With Organic Whipped Shea Butter

The next tip I want to give you is to make sure that your whipped shea butter is always organic.  When you use organic shea butter, it is a guarantee that you’ll get all of the greatest benefits and vitamins it has to offer.  Organic shea butter does not go through a refining process and everything is kept in tact.  I’ll be the first to tell you that it cost a little more but it is very much worth it.  Saving isn’t always the way to go.  Most times you get what you pay for.  Be sure to purchase from a reputable company such as a whole foods or a farmers market.

Be Sure It Is Applied To The Hair Correctly

Once your hair is nicely moisturized with a liquid based product you can now apply whipped shea butter.  Make sure that it is applied to the full length of your hair.  You want to make sure that the hair is completely sealed and protect.  Start from your ends and work your way up to your roots.  It is very important that you focus on the ends of your hair.  They are the oldest part of the hair and much more fragile and prone to breakage.  Be careful to not apply so much because you don’t want that greasy weighed down look.


I hope that this article on “How To Take Care Of Natural Hair With Shea Butter” has brought you a bit more clarity and understanding of how shea butter should be used on your hair.  It is a great addition to your natural hair care regimen and most of all it’s natural and a recipe for healthy hair.