How To Get Rid Of Scars On Your Face

How to get rid of scars on your face

How To Get Rid Of Scars On Your Face

At some point in our lives we all have had and will have scars on our face.  Scars can appear on the face for many reasons, with acne being the most common.  But, you may also have scars because of an injury or surgery.  Whatever the cause of your scars they can be healed and erased.  They can really be unattractive and cause low self esteem for many.  The quicker you take action the quicker the scars will be removed.  There are several products on the market  that claim to get rid of scars on your face but they don’t deliver.  However, there is a product that can help you remove the scars.  So, you want to know how to get rid of scars on your face?  Well, I guarantee that this article will help and give you some pointers.

Shea Butter To Get Rid Of Scars

Shea butter is one of the best butters that can be used to help fade the scars on your face.  Shea butter  works well to remove because it is filled with omega 3 fatty acids and rich in antioxidants.  They have been proven to repair and heal the skin.  It penetrates the skin well and contains a high level of vitamin e.  Vitamin e helps to even skin tone which is why it is great for removing scars, blemishes and dark spots.  It really does make your scars less noticeable while also keeping the skin on your face moisturized.  Shea butter also heals the scars on your face by producing more collagen.  Collagen is a protein in the body and helps to produce new skin cells that heal the skin. In addition to shea butter  products such as Panoxyl acne face wash is great to get your face clean and remove bacteria that causes acne.

Use Cocoa Butter for Scars On Your Face

Cocoa butter is also a great option to use for scars.  It is very similar to shea butter as it also fades scars, dark spots and evens skin tone.  Cocoa butter penetrates the skin which in turn lightens and reduces scars.  Additionally to healing your scars, it can also soothe burns that you may have.  You will also find that cocoa butter also contains vitamin e so there is no question that it has the ability to remove unwanted scars on your face.  Overtime the scars will begin to fade as your skin starts to produce more collagen leading to healthier skin.

Shea And Cocoa Butter Blend

Shea and cocoa butter alone are surely something to rave about.  I mean lets be honest, they are powerhouses.  But, what makes them even more amazing at erasing the scars on your face is when they are combined to make a wonderful scar remover face cream.   We have formulated our shea butter blend to have shea and cocoa butters as the main ingredients, because they are a match made in heaven.  Our customers rave about how creamy the texture is and love how easy it is to apply.  When used consistently, you will begin to see a difference in two weeks.

How To Use Shea And Cocoa Butter On Your Face

Your routine does not have to be difficult to see results.  It is best to use the whipped shea blend twice per day, once in the morning and once in the evening after you have taken a shower.  This will give the butters a chance to really soak into your skin, while your pores are open to start the healing process.  Be sure that you rub it in  completely so that the product is not sitting on top of the skin.  Start your journey today and get your whipped shea butter blend to get rid of the scars on your face.