Henna For Natural Hair Care And Hair Coloring

Henna For Natural Hair Care And Hair Coloring

Henna Has Multiple Uses

Henna has several great uses for your natural hair care routine and can be a great addition to your natural hair care products.  The fact that it can be used as a hair conditioner and a natural hair dye is enough for me to add it to my natural hair care routine.  Adding this natural hair care product to your stash you’ll benefit from healthier hair.  Find out how you can use henna for natural hair care and hair coloring.

How It Works On The Hair

When henna is used consistently, it has the ability to thicken fine hair.  This happens because the henna is straightening and building up the hair shaft.  I can imagine that this is why women who are natural use henna is because they are similar to protein treatments without the additional chemicals. I’ve interviewed and done survey’s on women that have tried henna at least once.  Someone stated”My hair feels much thicker now, than before the henna.  It felt stronger and I know it is from using pure henna”.

Conditioning With Henna

The trick to conditioning with henna is to create the perfect balance.  When I say perfect balance, I mean the perfect balance of timing.  You have to know how much of a deep conditioning you’d want and how much color you’d like-if any.  Trust me, henna ain’t no punk when it comes to hair dying abilities.  Leave it on a few minutes too long and that red tint will for sure sneak up on you.  

Before Applying

You want to use enough henna with another natural hair care product.  This is way you will get the conditioning that you need without overdoing it with the color.  Decisions, decisions huh? It is always a good idea to do a strand test before applying the henna.  For conditioning you can mix 1-2 tablespoons of henna into your conditioner.  Be sure not to let the dye release.  Let the mixture sit for about 20-30 minutes.  You will experience smooth and soft strands after you rinse your hair.

Henna For Hair Dye

Henna is a permanent hair dye, which means that it does not wash away after you have washed your hair as a rinse would.  When you color your hair with henna it will keep your new color for about 4-6 weeks.  After this point the color will slowly fade overtime, but it does not completely go away.  If you are still on the fence  and feel that henna may be a little too drying for your liking you can add some type of natural oil for hair.  

Be Sure To Keep Everything Covered

Be sure that when you are using henna you make sure that everything is covered.  This goes for clothes, floors, tabletops etc.  As I mentioned before, henna stains red and can be very messy.  The last thing you want is to dye everything else around you,  when the dye was meant for your hair.  Don’t rush the dying process! You want it to turn out properly the first time.  Henna is a natural hair care product but you don’t want to constantly use it and cause irreversible damage.  Happy hair dying!

Understanding Henna

Lastly, oftentimes henna is misunderstood because there are misconceptions as to how it can affect natural hair.  Some have been concerned that it will change the color of the hair to unattractive red, permanently cause the hair to lose the curl pattern and lastly that it permanently alters the hair.  What it all boils down to is knowing and understanding how to use this natural hair care product.  Henna can loosen the curl pattern but there is no major loosening effect.  Also, the color you achieve from henna is all determined by how long you keep the product on your hair.

Use Oils For Natural Hair

Lastly, this could be coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil etc.  The oil will add some additional moisture to keep your natural hair strands from popping off and breaking.  Be mindful to keep your treatments spaced to about every 4 weeks or so.  When you see that your hair is growing back you should only retouch the roots.  You’ll want to stick to this practice especially if you have fine hair strands that get weighed down and break easily.