Hair Growth And Genetics

Hair Growth Genetics

What Role Do Hair Growth And Genetics Play?

Genetics tell us what characteristics we will inherit from our mother’s, father’s and family bloodline. We all desire to have healthy skin and healthy hair growth. But, we never consider that genes play a role in how healthy our hair and skin will be.  This is not to say that you are unable to attain healthy skin and hair growth, if you have not been blessed with the best genetics.  There are routines and steps you can take to nurture your skin and hair to get the healthy appearance you are looking for.  With that being said let’s discover if hair growth genetics play a role in how long your hair will grow.

Genetics And Skin Health

Genetics play a significant role in whether you will have “good” skin and hair.  The great thing is there are natural hair and skin care products to help you on your journey.  Genes have the job of producing new cells.  They tell the body to make new skin cells and as a result the old cells will then die off.  If you have a stubborn gene that does not function the way it should, you can create too many or not enough cells.  This can cause cells to grow at a rapid rate and you will likely experience skin care issues.  The most popular issue? Acne, which comes about from clogged pores on the skin.  Additionally, it can make it more difficult for your skin to repair itself after it has been damaged.  The same applies for skin conditions such as eczema and more serious conditions like melanoma.


Researchers have said that technically there is no such thing as an acne gene.  When acne runs in a family it is more of a task to treat the condition when there is a family history apparent. Keep in mind that your environment and your daily habits will also contribute to how your genes react.  This obviously has an effect on your skin’s appearance and it’s health.  The great thing is there are options for you to make improvements.  Products such as whipped shea buttercocoa butter, coconut oil, olive oil. African black soaps contain natural vitamins and minerals that your skin needs to stay healthy, with vitamin e being number one. 

Hair Growth And Genetics

The same rules apply when it comes to hair growth.  Some argue that your genes play a role in how long your hair will grow, the color and also how thick it will be.  Hair loss and thinning is also a major issue in families.  There are those that track their family history. They discover that their mother, grandmother and great grandmother all suffer from hair loss so it is automatically assumed that they will too.  This could be true to a certain degree. If you allow your genes to run free and not nurture as we spoke about earlier it will become a reality.  Get rid of the notion that if it happened to your family members that it will happen to you.

Mother nature offers ingredients that will improve your hair’s health, allow you to take action and become proactive.  Some of these ingredients include whipped shea butter, cocoa butter. Oils for natural hair; lavender oil, peppermint oil, stinging nettle, rosemary oil, aloe vera, jamaican black castor oil, onion juice, sage oil, eggs and apple cider vinegar.

Don't Let Bad Genes Destroy Your Beauty

In closing, it is clear that your genetics do play a role in how healthy your skin and hair will be.  That does not mean that you have to let the “bad genes” run rampant and destroy your beauty.  Educate yourself on what natural hair and skin care products are best for you, and move forward from that point.  Remember, if you do nothing you will only get the same results that you have always received.